Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Holy Grail Moisturiser.... SteamCream

I know I’m a sucker for funky packaging, but I’m no fool – the product’s still got to pack a punch, and this one really does! SteamCream is my go-to when my skin’s tired, dull and dry, which winter is all the time!
The technical stuff...
STEAMCREAM is a multipurpose moisturiser made with unrefined steam that can be used on face, body and hands. The use of steam in its production makes Steamcream break down as soon as it touches your skin, providing an intensive moisturising experience. Steamcream’s light, gentle and loosely bound emulsion allows each ingredient to break back down to its purest form and reach where it’s needed fast. Made from the finest organic ingredients including orange flower water, healing lavender oil and soothing oatmeal and, now this is the exciting part, comes in a range of gorgeous little aluminium tins with cute designs including the lady bug, leopard print, stars and stripes and an array of festive prints.

I can honestly say this product really does what it says on the tin. The first thing I noticed, other than the cool packaging, is the scent. It has a distinctive aromatherapy oil smell that’s very relaxing. It's light to touch. It sinks into the skin like a lotion but  behaves like an intensive moisturiser. It's not greasy, but it is rich and leaves my skin soft, plumped and glowing. I've found a little on a morning applied to my dry patches works well under make up. I also add a little extra on my high points where I want that extra glow. In the evening I like to message a more generous amount into my face and neck. I've been using Clinique's DDM for years, which still has a place in my routine, but when I need a little more TLC, Steamcream’s where I go!
Steamcream £12.95/75g stockists include ASOS here, Selfridges here and Feel Unique here.


  1. This looks so nice and my nose is so dry at the moment!


    1. It's great just to pop in your handbag and apply it when and where you need it x

  2. I have really dry skin, this sounds amazing :) one fore the christmas list ! <3

    1. It's really good, I promise! Great for dry skin. Keeps mine dewy and glowing x

  3. Love this product. Another site about Skin Whitening is right here!


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