OPI Nail Envy… my Nail Saviour

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I need to talk with you about OPI Envy. It’s a product I’ve utilized virtually daily for number of year so it’s fairly stunning that I have not blogged regarding it yet.

Delegated their very own gadgets my nails are rubbish! Weak, soft, bendy, weak, flaky! A beauty affliction I utilized to live with till I ended up being a nail painting addict. I obtained so fed up with my paint tasks not lasting because of the sub common nail beneath I needed to do something about it.

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O.P.I Envy is a maximum toughness nail therapy with hydrolyzed wheat healthy protein and calcium. If utilized correctly it can completely change the problem of the nail. Start by using 2 layers to completely dry, clean nails, adhered to by one layer every other day. After one week, take it all off and also start once again. I ‘d be existing if I stated I adhered to that routine. I handle the very first day as well as after that it’s as and also when I keep in mind but still it works a treat. Other nail paint lovers need not stress; you can still pain your nails as typical as well as this functions as a terrific skim coat. I likewise make use of along with Avoplex Follicle Oil to dampen, soften and also make my follicles more push-back-able.

Nails are more powerful from day one and after a couple of weeks there’s a large renovation. I’ve been utilizing this for a number of years now, my nails aren’t best, yet looking back they’re better than they were. No longer soft, bendy and weak yet I did still struggle with the dreaded peel!

Before …

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After …

I can suggest both the Original as well as Matte Envy, there’s additionally a sensitive formula for breakable nails. Initial has a glossy, clear nail gloss finish and Matte dries out to a natural matte coating. the UK Envy is pretty pricey RRP? 18.65/ 15ml Boots yet one bottle lasts me around 9 months and if you look around you’ll locate some good deals. QVC offer duos for? 17 as well as I bought my most recent container of Matte from for an impressive? 5.96!

.?. !! What you waiting for? There’s no reason for not having nails to covet!

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OPI Nail Envy… my Nail Saviour
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