Goodbye Sleep, Hello Great Hair!

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Firstly I have the beautiful from ooh so glam to thank for these little charms; I was lucky adequate to win them in ‘‘ s giveaway. I have actually been passing away to attempt them and also lastly navigated to it this weekend … if you follow me on Instagram (@beautyandlechic), I uploaded an intro on Saturday evening. Batty eat your heart out …

I enjoy the principle. As the name recommends, they’re rest friendly Velcro rollers. Unlike traditional velcros made from tough plastic, these soft, foam centred rollers are made to squash like a sponge when you put down. Now I definitely love the product packaging. It’s adorable, girlie and also very practical. Each pack has twenty soft rollers, a suede pouch of hair holds and also comes in a helpful pink consumer.

The guidelines suggest using on clean, dry hair. They were truly very easy to use and I was impressed by their “stickiness”. It took around 20 mins to cover my complete head (I did have a little assist with the back) and 20 rollers was ideal for me (actually I might have done with 21 but I’ll allocate much better following time). That stated, I do have a little bit of pea head and also fine hair, so if you have a large head and lots of hair, 20 could not be enough. As soon as in, they looked rather outstanding, even if I did appear like something from TOWIE. They’re really light-weight as well as comfy … till you set!

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That’s the one trouble with these rollers (yet it’s quite intrinsic because they’re called Sleep in Rollers) they’re not favorable with sleeping … that is if you such as to sleep relaxing. Yes they’re soft and squidgy, but they do not flatten that a lot when you put down and sleeping 5 inches above the cushion just leads to neck ache. I spent the whole night thrashing as well as ultimately, I had to rip 3 out of the side of my head to develop a patch to lie on.

It was with wonderful uneasiness that I meticulously loosened up the rollers the next morning. After the night from hell I could not have actually coped if I have actually awakened with the very same level hair I went to bed with. The good news is I had big, bouncy, poor butt locks. Wonderful quantity as well as flipped out lengths, simply what I was searching for.


After …

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I want my hair appeared like this every day. The volume lasted extremely well but the waves quickly went down. be reasonable, I do have very long, great hair and it was a windy day.

I could have had terrific hair yet my face bore the indications of little sleep. I like these rollers, yet in future I’ll use them during the day instead.

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Goodbye Sleep, Hello Great Hair!
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