Sunday, 19 June 2016

Pregnancy Update: 38 weeks and What I've Learnt So Far

The bun is still in the oven, although not for much longer. With under two weeks to go until my due date I thought I'd give you a little update and share what I've learnt about pregnancy so far. Quick confession, the picture above is actually a few weeks old (sorry I've not really mastered the bumpie) so imagine if you will, my bump is a couple centimetres bigger, but do me a favour - please don't add any more weight to my arm!

What I've learnt so far:

People touch! And I'm not just talking actual friends and family, but random strangers! Erm I don't know where your hands have been - get the F off! Or is that the hormones speaking?

Everyone has an opinion and they’re not afraid to tell you– you’re so big, you’re so small, oh I don’t like that name!

People judge! Oh you're having a water birth, what'd you mean you haven't bought isofix, I wouldn't buy THAT PRAM!

Supermarkets are dangerous places. I don't know why, but I can't push a trolley around tesco without encountering at least one of the above. One checkout lady told asked me if everything was ok with my baby's growth charts because my bump looked too small. Oh and there was the romany gypsy that pointed at my bump and screeched "BOY!!!!" That's what you get for going to Lidl.

Don’t watch one born every minute. Just don't.

You get hairy, EVERYWHERE! The elation of discovering my fine head hair was getting a whole lot thicker was short lived when I discovered it wasn't the only place. Basically new hairs grow, but the old ones don't shed, at least not until after the baby is born. So if you're already dark and hairy like me, be prepared to look like a Gallagher brother.

Getting off the sofa is a serious challenge. I'm at the roll over and slide stage. If you manage it unaided - pat on the back!

I’ll rub your feet every day when you’re pregnant” lasts about two weeks!

You have no control over your tear ducts. You know you're in trouble when you cry at Geordie Shore!

You will have to buy maternity pads and yes, they are HUGE!!

Money saved on nights out and bottles of wine can be better spend on makeup and shoes – the only two things that now fit.

BUT be prepared for mothers guilt. I now equate everything to how many nappies/baby growers/childcare vouchers I can buy with that.

Pregnancy/Life update

You'll have noticed posts have been a little thin on the ground lately. I am sorry about this, but between work and nesting aka erratic cleaning, unnecessary diy and ruthless sort outs, there hasn't been much time for beauty. Thanks for sticking with me and I promise I'm not about to give up on blogging. Still no cravings, other than eating oranges (sadly no gherkin McFlurry's), but I am hungry all.the.time! I rarely make it though the night without a 4am snack. Fortunately I broke up from work last week - in my mind I'm now a lady of leisure. I had a wonderful Clarins Luxury Pedicure yesterday (Dean tried bless him, but he's no nail technician) and I've been enjoying pregnancy reflexology - the mot relaxing experience ever. And I hate to brag but I have timed my mat leave brilliantly - Wimbledon starts next week and season 4 of Orange is the New Black has just been released on Netflix! I'm making the most of early nights and late mornings... whilst I still can.

Before I go, I wanted to share my Maternity Hero Products...

I couldn't have done with without the Dreamgenii Maternity Pillow, Bio Oil, Palmers Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion, Liz Earle Instant Tonic Spritz.

Judgemental/touchy people aside, I have had a fantastic pregnancy. It hasn't always been a walk in the park - sleepless nights, 4am hunger, fainting, but for the most part I've been really well. I've loved having my bump, feeling movements is an absolute miracle, stretchy-band maternity jeans are fashions best kept secret, my skin's glowing and in a couple of weeks I get to meet my baby. I'd do it all again in a heart beat... she says before THE LABOUR!

Good luck to all you pregnant ladies out there and best wishes to my yummy mummies, see you on the other side! Claire x



  1. Oh my Gosh I opened your blog after a long time! I'm so happy for you Claire! Congratulations and stay healthy!

    1. Thank you lovely! will do, not long now x

  2. Oh my Gosh I opened your blog after a long time! I'm so happy for you Claire! Congratulations and stay healthy!

  3. Claire you look stunning, wow! Pregnancy really does suit you ;)
    xxx Claire

    1. Thanks Claire, I have loved it! Here's hoping the labour is half as plain sailing x

  4. I'm glad you mentioned that you love the bio oil & palmers cocoa butter because I've just ordered both! I'm 24 weeks pregnant and get told my bump is really big all the time so I feel ya! I'm not bothered though, I'm a very short 5'2 so my bump is bound to go outwards more as there's not much room anywhere else haha :) Hope your birth goes well, I can't wait to meet my little boy x

    Just Little Things

    1. They've both worked great for me. I tend to massage the bio oil after baths and showers and use the cocoa butter in between. I was really sensitive about people's comments at first but I'm over it now. Some people say i'm big, some say I'm small - I can't be both :) Hope you're doing well - good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x

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  6. You have the most gorgeous bump ever! Don't let anyone tell you it's too big or too small they don't know a thing. Good luck for the birth can't wait to see you on the other side! xxx

    1. Thanks Sophie. I know I shouldn't let it get to me. It just shocks me that people can be so rude!

      Take care X

  7. Totally agree with issues raised in your post, having a bump somehow seems to be an unwanted invitation for people to invade your personal space and pass unnecessary comments. Unfortunately I've found it doesn't stop when you have the baby, having a newborn also gives people that right too 🙈😂
    You're looking fantastic, you must be so excited to meet your little one xxx


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