Monday, 6 June 2016

Finally, the Tan That Doesn't Stank!

YESSSSSS!!! They’ve finally cracked it! The holy grail of tanning has been achieved – self tan that doesn’t smell like tan!

During my pregnancy I’ve avoided self-tan. There’s no evidence that it’s in any way harmful to the baby (I ain’t talking sunbeds) but all those chemicals can’t be good, so I’ve embraced the naturalle. That was until the sun came out and I contemplated baring limbs that haven’t seen the light of day since last August. I decided a tinted moisturiser/gradual tanner, which contains less tanning agent would be the best option, just as St Tropez revamped their gradual tan.

So what’s changed?
The main headlines are, it’s now tinted so you can see where you’re putting it and there’s a newly formulated mood-enhancing fragrance that doesn’t smell like fake tan.

I wacked it on the other night, slept it in and completely forgot I was wearing it – no nasty biscuit smell and no dodgy brown residue on the bed sheets. Don’t be deterred by the bottle colour. It looks a little scary – quite dark and not all that natural looking, but as the picture above shows, it sheers out on application giving the tiniest hint of bronze - enough so you don't look dug up but not enough that you look instantly tango’d. It’s completely faff-free too – no need for a tanning mit, pop up tent, none of the usual tanning nonsense, just apply it like a normal body moisturiser. I love that it’s now tinted – none of the slap it on and see approach - you can see exactly where you have and haven't applied it. The texture’s pretty thick but it spreads easily enough and reveals a completely streak-free bronze. The colour develops gradually – it’s natural and subtle but packs a decent enough punch. Not like the in-shower tan that takes a good few applications before you see any hint of colour. I actually felt sufficiently tanned after one application. Sure I didn’t look like I’d been for a spray tan, but I did look like I had a day of two in the sun and really that’s all I wanted.

Bravo St Tropez!

Buy St. Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Lotion £12/200ml LookFantastic



  1. This looks great! I bought a tube of it but have yet to try it...think I need to go and slap it on now lol
    Em x

  2. I've used the foam st tropez one which was really streaky! May give this one a go looks like it's easier to apply X | Em X


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