Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The One Where I met Charlotte Tilbury... and asked some cheeky questions

Look at those hands, there’s no one they haven’t touched – Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Kim K, she’s done em all. So getting a chance to meet the woman in person and ask some juicy questions for myself was a dream.. even pregnancy fainting couldn’t stop me! 

Surround by beautiful make up artists, exquisite roses, the aroma of Diptyque candles and all the gold encased Tilbury product you can imagine, including the not-yet-released hot lips (yes the Kim K W shade is to die for), myself and a small number of bloggers and press waited for the raven haired siren to enter the room.

When Charlotte enters the room, you.know.it! She has that presence, that star quality, plus she shouts “Hello Darlings!” She walked the room, shaking everyone’s hands, asking names and staring deep into their makeup – thank gawd I’d donned the her signature Dolce Vita look. I swear she gave me a telepathic seal of approval – good job darling.

In Newcastle to officially launch her counter in Fenwick, the make up maven spent hours with us talking passionately about her entire product line, how she discovered the transformative power of make up and the American women that use her wonder cream on their lady areas (I’ll not repeat the word she used, but rhymes with Stussy). Charlotte’s passion is infectious. She clearly cares about women. She wants to empower them and make them feel like the best versions of themselves. Yes, her brand is expensive, but it’s expertly curated to make professional looking make up accessible - Runway to real way! Her make up wardrobes include everything you need to create your chosen look along with simple how-to videos and tips, she teaches you what blush goes with what lipstick and the best shadows for your eye colour.

Charlotte’s secrets spilled… 

  • The Kardashians are really lovely girls and a pleasure to work with!
  • Light Wonder Foundation is Kim K’s and Kylie J’s off duty make up of choice.
  • Charlotte’s top 3 can’t be withouts – Magic Cream, Full Fat lashes Mascara and Eyeliners.
  • The one person she hasn’t worked on but would love to – THE QUEEN
  • Her favourite client (and I really had to push for an answer because she LOVES everyone) Kate Moss!

Here's a little peak of the stunning hot lips collection - it took all the restraint I have not to accidentally let them drop in my bag...

Meeting Charlotte was an absolute pleasure. She did not disappoint and was everything I wanted her to be – hilarious, outrageous, open, honest, witty, wise, charming and super knowledgeable. I’m even more obsessed with the woman and came away with a wish list longer than my arm. Being gifted on of her amazing get the look boxes (Rock Chick) was the icing on the cake – I promise I’ll do the look and share soon.

Check out the Charlotte Tilbury counter in Fenwick. Tilbury transformations start at £35 and are fully redeemable against products. And watch out for Hot lips landing in July!



  1. I love her! & her overuse of 'darling', shes too sweet. So jealous you got to meet her, sounds like you had an amazing time ^_^

    Katie // Words By Katie

  2. Charlotte is the ultimate ambassador for her own brand - she really does seem to work tirelessly on her products and getting her message out to the masses. Every time I watch one of her videos I'm always lulled into a state of needing it all (her use of every superlative in the book has become her signature). It would be awesome to meet her and it sounds like you had great fun :)

  3. I would absolutely love to meet her - she seems such a brilliant person. Dying to try her Magic cream....for my face! Katie x


    1. ha ha, glad you specified that Katie! And at that price there's no way I'd be putting it anywhere else :) x


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