Saturday, 30 April 2016

Pregnancy Update - 31 Weeks

Sleepsuit John Lewis | Drawer dividers Ikea

Hi beauties! Long time, no blog, I KNOW! I've been finding it really difficult to find the time and energy lately. You what they say, life happens and there's a whole lotta life happening right now. I'm in my final trimester - shit's getting very real. Things were going really well. I was almost feeling guilty when people asked if i had morning sickness, swollen ankles, mood swings? Nope, nope and nope! Then, the fainting started! Apparently it's common side effect of pregnancy? It's pretty scary at the time and I feel completely wiped out but the important thing is the baby is absolutely fine! Still no cravings (except oranges). I was really looking forward to sending baby daddy to McDonalds at 2am for a box of gherkins. Maybe i still will as punishment for the lack of foot rubs - "I'll rub your feet every day when you're pregnant" lasted about two weeks!

Oh and I finally understand NESTING. I've watched on in the past as pregnant friends become possessed by the need to nest and thought - what are you flapping about! The baby doesn't care if the skirting boards have been painted! Then it happened to me. I'm part Kim and Aggie and part Drill Sergeant. I need it doing and I need it doing NOW! Every cupboard has to be cleared, every drawer emptied. If it's not nail down, it's going to the charity shop. NOTHING'S SAFE! Even my makeup has taken the hit - I'm all about downsizing now.

Aside from the fainting and the nesting monster, things are great and I'm feeling truly blessed. I wanted to thank you all for your support and reassure you in no way have i gone off blogging. I've got so many exciting things to blog about - I met Charlotte Tilbury last week, I've discovered a load of new skin saviours and I have a new makeup storage solution! As soon as I get my mojo back I'll tell you all about it.

Claire x



  1. Hope the fainting period passes soon! Scary enough when you aren't pregnant so can't imagine it when you are. Take care xx


  2. Love your jacket; where is it from? x

  3. Thanks Lindsay, it's my Fiancé's. It's an old vintage one I'm afraid x


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