Friday, 1 April 2016

Looking for a Flawless Base? Try this!

They don’t call it make up artistry for nothing! Application is a skill and to truly nail it, an artist needs the best tools. There’s absolutely no denying a good brush can completely transform how you foundation performs. My latest love nails the tricky hard to reach in seconds and achieves a flawless, even base.

Sigma F88 Flat Angled Kabuki Brush £17 is a super densely packed, flat topped, angled kabuki brush made from super soft synthetic fibres. It’s designed for cream and liquid foundation application, and thanks to the angled design, also doubles up as an expert contouring brush.

It has a large surface area that works the whole face in seconds. The flat area covers the flat panes of the face effortlessly, whilst the curved, slanted edges fit the hard to reach fiddly areas around the nose and under the eyes seamlessly. It completely saves me from having to go back in with a smaller brush. The bristles are very soft, very smooth and a pleasure to sweep around my face. I’ve been using it with liquid foundations – Chanel Vitalumiere and bareMienrals bareSkin. I find the best way is to stipple the product using the flat area around the face where I need the most coverage, then using circular/sweeping movements, blend the product out. I’ll then tilt it round to the angled edges to navigate around the nose area, around the brows and to get right up under my eye area. This brush helps to achieve a fuller coverage without looking cakey and a leaves behind nothing but a flawless, airbrushed finish. 

The F88 aint “thirsty” either. It’s always a worry with densely packed kabuki brushes that they’ll drink up most of the product, but this one doesn’t. It’s something to do with special Sigmax fibres that don’t absorb the product. This is my first Sigma brush – I’ve admired them from afar for years but availability in the UK has been patchy. The quality really shines though – from the softness of the bristles, the comfort of the handle, even the embossed logo on the neck. They’re far from the priciest brushes around – nowhere near the dizzy heights of Charlotte Tilbury or Tom Ford, but they perform like one. 

Seriously flawless, super fast! Have you tried Sigma brushes? 

Sigma Brushes available from Amazon | Cult Beauty | HQ Hair 



  1. I really enjoy Sigma brushes! Especially their face brushes for foundation etc. I've used their F80 for years now! It is one that I still reach for. I use this one for cream contour as well!


  2. sorry but you've got the sexiest eyes ever :')

    i haven't dabbled wiv sigma yet. do they just sell online?


    1. Nothing to be sorry for :) Thanks for the complement!

      Yeah I think they only sell online in the UK x


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