Thursday, 3 March 2016

Pregnancy Update - 22 Weeks

This pregnancy is flying by! I thought I’d do an update whilst I still have chance. I had the 20 week scan a couple of weeks ago and I’m thrilled to say everything is fine. Aside from the baby not do what the sonographer wanted it to – moi, with a disobedient child, who’d a thought! We didn’t find out the sex - although when you’re lying there with the baby on the screen it’s sorely tempting. Dean’s convinced he saw “boys bit”, but it was a leg! He’s just looking for an excuse to buy more sneakers. I started feeling movements around 18-19 weeks and that blew my mind. The most amazing experience so far, and after that anxious 12 week wait, the most reassuring!


Not a whole lot has in my beauty routine changed. I’m finding my skin's less hydrated that usual, guess the baby’s stealing my nutrients. I got a sample of dermalogica’s skin hydrating booster and that’s doing a fab job of injecting some much need hydration – It’s so expensive though, not sure I can justify the price tag #MothersGuilt. For the most part my skin is glowing. By far, my favourite pregnancy side effect – thicker hair! Apparently you don’t shed hair during pregnancy, new ones grow but the old ones don’t fall out. I’ve finally got the thick, luscious tresses I’ve always coveted… sadly my body's hairier too. I’ve been slapping on the bio oil £5.99 and recently got some Palmers Stretch mark lotion 3.29. I think if you’re gonna get them, you’re gonna get them but it doesn’t hurt to keep skin soft and supple.


I'm not gonna lie, I'm finding maternity fashion Difficult. I'm not joking, I burst out my regular jeans at around week 2. I’m carrying very low which makes fastening jeans (fyi I rarely wear anything else) impossible. The bobble trick got me by for a few weeks before turning to maternity jeans and now there’s no going back. Even after I’ve had the baby I’m not sure I’ll be able to give them up… BEST.THING.EVER! I’ve got one pair of under the bumps from asos and two over the bumps from Mothercare. Stretchy jeans aside, I’m finding maternity collections a bit too "mumsy". Just because you get pregnant, it doesn’t mean you want to start dressing like a 1950’s housewife. I still want to look like me! Topshop’s maternity collection is the most non-mumsy I can find, but it’s a small range. Asos have some decent picks, other than that I’ve mainly been wearing oversized h&m tees and open shirts with vests underneath. I’m looking forward to the weather warming up so I can throw on some maxi’s. If you’ve got any recommendations, please share!


So far, I’ve had a really good pregnancy. I’ve avoided sickness and nausea. I haven’t been especially hormonal/mood swingy - My nearest and dearest may tell a different tale, but I don’t think I’ve been affected much by the pregnancy hormones either – I’ve always been a moody cow  My nights are a bit restless, nature’s way of getting me ready, and the back ache’s setting in, but other than that and as corny as it sounds, I’m feeling nothing but happy and blessed.

Diet Fitness 

I’m continuing with a healthy, balanced diet. I’m low on iron so I’ve been adding spinach and kale to my smoothies – not as grim as they sound. Sadly no cravings yet, except that one night I NEEDED tartar sauce.

Wow for someone that wasn’t sure she was going to do pregnancy updates, I’ve sure rambled on. Feel free to share your links and updates below, it's nice to know people who are going through it at the same time.



  1. Haha it is so easy to ramble on for pregnancy updates! I'm at week 35 now. There is just so much going on and so much to talk about! We found out at 17 weeks we were having a boy. My patience for waiting is non existent! You are looking amazing and sounds like you are having a great pregnancy! <3


    1. Thanks Tahana and good luck! not long now, it's so exciting x

  2. Glad to hear your pregnancy is going well! My skin got drier too after being combo/oily after my last pregnancy and it's cleared up a lot too which has made me happy ;) a lot of my problems with my skin and hair were left over from my 1st pregnancy so I kinda hope my body decides not to change back too much after this one, haha!
    My 20 week scan couldn't confirm that we're having a girl, the cord was in the way and she was sat on her feet, so I really hope that pink is still the right investment...

    1. Oh and I agree about maternity fashion, I've struggled SO much to find anything wearable, I'm just stuck in one pair of maternity jeans, leggings and over-sized jumpers for the most part.

    2. Yeah I can't wait for spring/summer now. It's so much easier to throw a maxi dress or something on, and I can no longer fasten my coat :)

      Real boys wear pink too :) x

  3. Please don't not do pregnancy updates! This is so interesting for me being 9 weeks pregnant at the moment, I totally feel you with the anxious 12 week wait, counting down the days until my scan! I can't wait until I have a bump like yours, it's so cute, I have a really tiny one at the moment :)

    Just Little Things xo

    1. Thanks Gemma. I'm so glad you like the updates! It's such an exciting time isn't it. Those 12 weeks seem to take forever, but trust me when you get past it, it flies! Hope you're feeling well x

  4. I love this update! Hearing bout pregnancy is so exciting and a real learning experience for me because there aren't many opportunities to learn about pregnancy first hand unless you have friends who are pregnant. I'd highly recommend Dr Jars Water Replenishing Sheet Mask as replacement for the Dermalogica product you sampled.

    Abigail Alice x

  5. Hey Abigail, thanks for the recommendation. I'll look at it now! So glad you find the pregnancy updates interesting, I'd hate to turn people off x


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