Wednesday, 9 March 2016


What better way to start the day than with a good old cuppa chai! A post about tea may seem a bit off-piste around these parts, but I’m tea obsessed (it says so in my profile) and since I’m currently off the gin and prosecco, it’s my only liquid pleasure!

Up North, more specifically roond the toon (that’s Newcastle-upon-Tyne for for you out of towners) Ringtons is a local treasure. What I love about Ringtons is its charm. The family ran business started selling tea from a horse & cart in 1907 and still hand delivers to doorsteps today! I often see milk-style floats and vans driving around the streets delivering to doorsteps – there’s something special about seeing that these days. But you don’t have to be up North to get in on the action, Ringtons deliver all over the country… for free! Plus these days, they’re so much more than just tea - coffee, cake, Easter gifts, they've got it covered!

They sent me this gorgeous hamper full of tea, coffee and some of the best biscuits that have ever passed my lips. The extra fresh tea bags are strong and full bodied, just how I like it! The Chocolate Brazil nut biscuits are to die for and the shortbread just may be the death of me.

There’s few things in life that bring me more pleasure than a cuppa tea and some biscuits in the afternoon! Check out Ringtons delights here



  1. I love tea, and dunking biscuits in it is the best =]


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