Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Brush that Does it All!

It's not often a brush gets its own post around these parts. It's not that I don't love them, I DO!! It's just they kinda blend into the background... no pun intended. But this one, bareMinerals Smoothing Face Brush deserves its own platform and then some!

Put simply, this brush makes life easier! I bought it with bareMinerals Complexion Rescue (fave everyday base) which it works in perfect harmony with – obvs! but I’ve ended up using it for EVERYTHING – foundation, concealer, primer, cream blush, liquid and cream highlighter! It’s pretty much been an extension of my right hand since last April.

The bristles are extremely densely packed, unlike lots of duo fibre brushes (I’m thinking about you MAC 187) so there’s no lines or streaking. It’s perfectly designed to spread product smoothly and evenly – you hardly need to blend, it pretty much does it as it goes. It feels incredibly gentle and luxurious – It’s a pleasure to sweep around my face!  And the dome-shape blends seamlessly for an airbrushed finish. Quick, zero effort and perfect results. If I could only have one face brush in my arsenal, this would be it!

And I can vouch for its longevity – 10 months down the line it’s still going strong, no shredding or deterioration.

bareMinerals Smoothing Face Brush £21.60 FeelUnique

What's your favourite face brush?



  1. This brush does sound amazing, I have to check it out!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  2. This looks and sounds like a great brush!
    Charlotte //

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  4. I own two of these brushes!! Totally makes a difference! Also love to use Complexion Rescue as my base!!

    Mel |


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