Monday, 1 February 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Cheat - A Serious Eye Opener

On paper, this is about the least likely thing you’d expect to see in my collection. It was the LAST thing I expected to buy in my Charlotte Tilbury haul, but amazingly it’s the thing that wowed me the most. What this boring little pencil?

Who’s dabbled with the white pencil inside the eye trick? This “tip” is nothing new, in fact we were doing it back in my teens (more! Magazine anyone?) when we were told to use a white nail tip pencil to line our inner eyes. Thing is, it just looked obvious and lasted about five minutes. The Charlotte Tilbury ROCK 'N' KOHL Eye Cheat £19 is the grown up, actually-works version. I would never in a million years have picked this up, even looked in its direction, but it was used on me in my Charlotte Tilbury counter make over… divine intervention! To say I was blown away with the difference it made is an understatement. Even my fiancé, completely unprompted, noticed the difference as soon as he came to meet me!  

Eye Cheat is a universal, super flattering nude toned pencil that, used in the upper and lower waterline and corner of the eyes creates an optical illusion of wider, fuller and more wide-awake eyes. Very subtle, but incredibly effective, it cheats the wide eye look and seriously makes them appear bigger, brighter and fresh as a daisy. The liquid pencil is soft and creamy, so doesn’t drag or irritate the eye and once it dries, it aint budging. It’s rich, incredibly pigmented and completely opaque. 

As far as I can tell, there’s only one downside (other than the price) and this is true of all of Charlotte’s ROCK 'N' KOHL eye pencil’s – because they’re so creamy and soft you find you have to sharpen them a lot. 


Eye cheat's skills don’t end there. You know the concealer-around-the-brows thang, which I’m not normally a huge of, on account of it looking cakey and obvious, well this works wonders on that! Since the flesh-coloured pencil is actually flesh coloured, it highlights the brow bone and accentuated the arches NATURALLY. Also use on the cupids bow to pop the pout. 

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Cheat £19 Available Charlotte Tilbury | Selfridges | John Lewis

Have you tried Eye Cheat?



  1. Oh wow!! I wanna give this a try!

    Mel |

  2. You eyes looks amazing! This looks fab and I love that it is universal! x

  3. Oh my gosh your mascara looks amazing! what is it?xx

    1. Thanks Sophie, so sorry I can't remember. Took these pics a little while ago. It was probably benefit they're real or l'oreal telescopic x

  4. Try Wonder pencil by NYX , it's really good , does the same thing but much cheaper ! I got mine on Amazon .


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