Monday, 15 February 2016

Back to Gloss - My TOP 3

Lipgloss is having a come back… in my world at least. My Juicy Tube days may be well and truly behind me and you’ve probably noticed I’m lipstick mad, but recently I’ve been turning my attentions back to good old gloss. Why? Well, firstly my lips are crazy dry and cracked and lipstick just accentuates that, and secondly, I’d forgotten how good glossy lips look and feel! Favourite three in no particular order…

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie® Lipgloss £12.80 Feel Unique  

It was love at first smell! Moxie’s have the most incredible scent – think mint choc chip ice cream, but unlike most minty fresh glosses, it doesn’t have an annoying tingle. It has a generous sized applicator that glides the gloss on with ease. Rebel is a beautiful cool toned pinky mauve with decent colour pay off. It’s the most pigmented of the bunch - You can totally wear this one alone. It’s super glossy, luscious and slightly wet looking. It definitely makes my lips look plumped and hydrated (in a natural, non-Kylie Jenner way)! It’s not sticky, more reassuringly slippy and packed with vitamin A, C and E complex helping to deliver antioxidant defense – just what I need right now.

L’Oreal Infallible Mega Gloss Cream Lip Protest Queen £6.99 Boots

Protest Queen is a classic nudey pink with a crème gloss finish. It’s semi-opaque so you can totally rock it alone for a little pop of colour or pair it with a nudey pink lipstick like MAC’s Angel for a classic bridal look. It has a unique squiggly “lip shaper” applicator that applies perfectly to the contours of the lips. Formula wise it’s creamy, non-tacky and enriched with hyaluronic acid so it’s extremely moisturising. There’s a staggering 25 shades in this range and a tonne of different finishes, including matte, so whatever you fancy, this range has you covered.

Revlon Colourburst Lipgloss Bellini 

An oldie but a goody! And sadly, following a quick search on Google, looks like it’s been discontinued (I’m regretting that wasteful arm swatch right now). Revlon seem incredibly quick to discontinue lines, this was already a replacement of my last favourite gloss that was discontinued. I guess we’re just not wearing gloss anymore. Anyway, Bellini is a beautiful milky, nudey peach. It’s basically me circa 2000-2003 – J-Lo wannabe days. It’s creamy, lusturous, shiny but not overly glossy and has a tiny bit of champagne shimmer. It’s not sticky or tacky in the least! It’s one of those perfect with a tan or smokey eye shades. There’ll always be a nude peachy gloss in my collection… as long as I can find one. .

Are you a glossy gal? What’s your favourite? 



  1. I'm not a fan of glosses at all but that bare minerals one sounds great because of the smell haha!
    Charlotte //

  2. The shade of Loreal gloss looks gorgeous, I need it in my collection!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  3. These shades are gorgeous!


  4. Bare Minerals Moxie is my favorite! Anything Bare Minerals is my favorite!!

    Mel |

  5. The Loreal Gloss looks gorgeous, I've never really been a gloss fan until I tried the NYX Butter Glosses, I'm now a complete convert!
    xxx Claire

  6. The L'Oreal gloss would be in my top five, I absolutely love it! Great post

  7. I went through a juicy tubes obsessed phase as well! haha. I had a big clear out of glosses yesterday because I had quite a lot that I just don't wear or were too old. The ones I'm left with are pink/ peach nude colours similar to your favourites, I think they're the best kind of glosses :-)
    Em x

  8. These look gorgeous, I'm just not a gloss girl though x


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