Sunday, 17 January 2016

A push-up bra for lashes?

If you’re looking for a one coat wonder, swipe n go kinda mascara with serious oomph, you just might love this…

Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama £7.99 Boots is the latest magic wand from mascara know-it-all Maybelline. It's designed to lift the lashes to scandalous new heights and well, the pictures don't lie! It has a long, flexi rubbery wand to get right down to the root of the lashes, allowing you to give  them a good ol' wiggle n a jiggle. The brush has tiny lash catchers that cup lashes and scoop them to new heights. The formula is a little on the wet side, but I like this! It coats the lashes very generously without the need to keep dipping and layering – we all know that’s just gonna dry it out. One quick coat is all your need for full lash drama and it’s the blackest of black. It gives length, volume and curl in absolute abundance and the best part, it lasts. I often find the curves flatten as the day goes on, but Push Up Drama keeps its shape. I’ve got to dock some points for separation, or lack of, if you have a lot of lashes like me it tends to clump them together, mainly just the outer corner, but if your lashes are on the sparse, you’ll love this. But other than that, it’s another good mascara from Maybelline.

Available now at Boots online, hitting stores in Feb.



  1. This is on my to try list since first saw the ads. Sounds promising. My lashes need all the help that they can get. Looks great on your lashes too. :)

  2. You have absolutely amazing eye lashes! Wowsers! xx


  3. Fab review! I love the packaging!


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