Sunday, 20 December 2015

Fuss-Free Fool-Proof Tanning

The quickest, easiest, most fool-proof tan I’ve ever used.

Over the years my love of tan had dwindled. I’m normally pretty happy to embrace the au natural look, but there’s something about party season in Newcastle to make you feel very pasty. The problem is, the faff puts me off! Enter James Read Instant Bronzing Mist.

When it comes to tan, James Read is the man! His Sleep Mask Tan, hands down the best facial tan I’ve ever tried. But bronzing mists, however, are a tricky beast to master, but I honestly couldn’t face the latex gloves, tan mits, ronseal coloured lotions and potions – spray and go sounds better to me.

So this is how you use it. Stand in the bath. Sray it all over your body. Done! Seriously that’s it. I sprayed it on in a pretty cack handed manner and fully expected a patchy, streaky dis-aaaaar-staa, but somehow I ended up with an even, all over, golden tan. The spray is more of an ultra light mist that disperses evenly and widely (if that makes sense) so it covers quite a generous area with each stroke. You can even spray it directly on face, hands and feet – just make sure you moisturise your knuckles, elbows and toes. It absorbs straight into the skin and is completely clear. It was dry before I even got out of the tub. I got dressed and left it on overnight. Like every other tan, it did smell biscuity, but it didn’t transfer onto my clothes or bed sheets.

I wanted to be able to walk into work the next day and not have everyone think – she’s been tango’d. I might be a northern lass but a full-on mahogany glow in the middle of winter aint my thing (any more). Thankfully I got an even, all over, natural glow. It was noticeable but not in-yer-face.

For fuss free tanning during the festive season crack out the James Read Instant Bronzing Mist £25 ASOS | Space NK | QVC



  1. Looks nice :)

    Maria V.

  2. This sounds really nice!
    Charlotte //

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