Sunday, 13 December 2015

Brows with Benfit(s)

Scoring the perfect brow is a fine art and no one knows this more than Benefit. From grooming to styling they’ve got brows down. So imagine my delight when this dropped through the door…

The Curious Case of the Brow Dilemmas is the ultimate capsule brow wardrobe with everything you need to arch out the competition along with a VIP card which entitles me to free brow treatments at Benefit Brow Bars – Christmas has well and truly come early. It took me all of about 5 minutes to make my first appointment.

Benefit Brow Grooming  

Repeat after me - taming of thy brows is essential. I’m definitely guilty of letting the bushiness get out of control. No excuses now! I didn’t drop the “VIP” when I booked my appointment, to properly review the service l wanted to make sure I was getting the same treatment as everyone else. I’m always a little nervous letting someone else loose on le brows, but with over 10 million groomed, I was in safe hands. I went for the full works – waxing, dyeing, shaping, and trimming. I told the girl I wanted to keep them thick (about a hundred times) and I wanted to take my arches a little higher, with slightly more of a point, if poss! The dye made such a difference. I normally skip this part since mine are already pretty dark but the tint helped create the illusion of more fullness and ultilised my little baby hairs to take the brows higher. Through waxing and plucking I got a nice, clean shape. I still looked like me, just better. The service is super efficient and I was done in 30 minutes. Guess what, at Benefit, everyone is a VIP. Find your nearest Benebrow Bar here
Brows styled with BrowZings and Gimme Brow Dark

Brow Zings £24.50 here

Brow zings, where have you been all my life? I don’t know how I’ve never used this. I guess I went from pencil’s to HD Brows and Anastasia Beverly Hills and somehow skipped this one. BIG mistake! Wax on one side, powder on the other, some handy little grooming tools, it’s everything you need in one tiny palette. The wax gives the powder something to adhere to (genius) for a bigger, bolder, beefed up and super long-lasting brows.

Gimme Brow £18.50 here

You know I love this one. Gimme Brow took so-called “brow mascaras” by the short n curlies! It doesn’t just tint brows or comb them in place. It magics brow hairs where they don’t even exist. The innovative brush-on fibre-gel adheres to skin and hair, filling sparse patches and thickening brows naturally. The tapered brush is tinie-tiny and absolutely perfect for shaping and filling the hard to reach gaps. Fuss free and super quick - it's shaved minutes of my morning routine. For a natural, low key brow I only need this. For a full, bad ass brow, Brow Zings and Gimme Brow together are a force to be reckoned with!

High brow £16.50 here

Do you know what, I had this years ago and had totally forgotten what a visible difference it makes. I'm not a big fan of the whole concealer around the brows thing. I think it looks a little fake and, well, obvious. This is much more natural. Lifts, enhances and highlights brows in an instant.

Sadly The Curious Case of the Brow Dilemmas bumper pack isn’t available to purchase, but you can buy all of the individual items here.

Are you a Benefit Brow fan?



  1. benefit is such a nice brand, not only that the design is so cute and chic. the products they have always have a good quality.
    I am struggling with my eyebrows for such a long time now. they are too thin and far too low. Im also thinking about going to a brow treatment. unfortunately in germany we dont have the benebrow bar :(
    thank you for describing all the brow products of benefit. i personally never tried any of these before but they all sound so great! i think ill try the gimme brow to fill my brows. :)

    xx Lisa

  2. This set it so cute I love using gimme brows :)

  3. All those things seem great! Haven't been trying that much Benefit (it's not sold here) but obviously they have wide range of products to eyebrows,great!♡

  4. This is a girls dream set!
    Charlotte //

  5. I think I've seen this set in my dreams....
    Benefit does such a great job with quality of product and being aesthetically pleasing.

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