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Review: Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick Penelope Pink

If there’s one thing Charlotte Tilbury has nailed, it’s the packaging! Her lipsticks are exquisite. The rose-gold metal-ribbed casing is elegant, timeless and expensive. They remind me of the Estee Lauder lipsticks my Mum had when I was a kid. Please lord if I ever drop my handbag, let this roll out and not a tampon!

Packaging nailed, what about what’s on the inside? 

Don’t be fooled by the name ‘Penelope Pink’ actually isn’t very pink. It’s more nude with a slight dusky/browned pink. It’s very neutral – neither warm or cool and for that reason it should be universally flattering. It is of course the lipstick to complete the Dolce Vita look and it perfectly balances the intense warm copper/red brick toned eyes. It’s perfect for an everyday or paired back lip.

It’s a moisturising formula, very emollient and glides on with ease. Creamy and buttery yet lightweight, you can definitely forget you’re wearing it! My lips are pretty chapped right now and it doesn’t cling to the dry skin, instead it smoothes over and provides a perfect surface. I feel like I have to be quite generous with application, it needs a good couple of coats. It’s fairly sheer on first swatch, but builds up to a fuller coverage.

The finish is quite shiny, almost glossy. There’s no denying that it makes my lips look fuller – juicy and glossy and plumped up, even without the liner. Stick the liner on (Pillow Talk) and BAM, Pam Am pout! The staying power is pretty good, especially for a nude, a moisturising nude no less!

When I it comes to lipstick I tend to be all or nothing. I cane new lippy. Put it in my bag, wear only that and only that for a few weeks, before the urge for a change creeps in and I swap it out for another. Penelope (not so) Pink and I have been going steady for 8 weeks now, no subs bench yet!

I’m really pleased I picked Penelope Pink. It’s unlike any other in my collection and I’ve already had decent wear out of it. It’s a good all rounder and when I do eventually take it out of my handbag, man will it look good on my dresser! I’m not planning to rush out and buy any more of the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks. I don’t think they surpass MAC, except in price, but I could be tempted with CT’s Matte Revolution range.

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick £23 Charlotte Tilbury | John Lewis 

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  1. What a beautiful shade and that packaging! Dreamy. Great review :)

    Amy • Amy Tinson

  2. Looks beautiful! I have this & Bitch Perfect on my wishlist but they seem quite similar so should just pick one! xx


  3. I really like the look of this colour, it's definitely the kind of shade I'd go for. Might have to invest in my first Charlotte Tilbury item! xx


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