Thursday, 22 October 2015

Charlotte Tilbury's Mini Miracle Eye Wand - not so miraculous?

Two things I do every morning without fail – 1. apply eye cream, 2. Apply concealer/highlighter in a vain attempt to cover up my pesky eye bags. A double ended wand that does both... music to my ears eyes but can it really provide 8-hours sleep in two clicks?

Charlotte Tilbury's Mini Miracle Eye Wand £29 is described as 'a miraculous two-step remedy for bags and dark circles, because the whole world is tired'. There’s an eye cream at one end to tighten and smooth and a highlighter at the other end to conceal and brighten.

I wanted to love this product. I wanted it to be a sent-from-god, mni-miracle, life-saving, holy-grail-in-the-making product. Sadly, it’s not. At least not in my (tired) eyes. I’m not saying it’s a major fail, but it’s hardly the magic wand it claims to be.

The eye cream is packed with all the right goodies - hyaluronic acid, Shea Butter Extract, Jojoba Seed Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Rice Bran Protein, Glycerin and all that jazz BUT i find it quite watery and on its own, it doesn’t do a whole lot for the cause. It definitely hydrates and smoothes out the area, but it’s not as effective in my opinion as Vichy x and Liz Earle Eye Repair, which both feel richer and have amazing light-reflecting properties.

The highlighter comes in 5 shades. I’ve got shade 2, a neutral beige shade for light skin tones with neutral undertones. It’s a decent colour match – light enough to highlight but not too light that it looks ghostly. It’s packed with micro-particles that brighten shadows, conceal discolouration and diffuse the appearance of under-eye hollows. It’s very lightweight and definitely has skills in the brightening department and it photographs beautifully! It is lacking however in the concealing department and since my eye bags are blue toned, they respond better to yellow toned highlighters like MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter in Light Boost and YSL Touche Eclat Shade 2. This one's a bit too neutral.

Now here’s the main problem, the two work in harmony. The eye cream does provide a nice, smooth base, but the concealer doesn’t blend well over it. It kinda sits on top of the eye cream looking patchy and settling into the creases. I have to work my ass off to get it to blend in. I’ve tried patting, I’ve tried rubbing and in the end I’ve resorted to using a soft bristle eye brush to create a more airbrushed effect.

A couple more quarms, the brush applicator is very small, I would have liked for it to be a bit fatter, and this could have helped with blending. Speaking of size, the product is a disappointing 3mls. Presumably 1.5ml at each end.  Compare this to MAC prep & Prime highlighter 3.6ml or bareMinerals stroke of light 5.5ml, this wand ain't gonna last long.

I’m not saying I don’t like this product, I do! It delivers results (you can definitely see the difference in the pictures) but after five years development and talk of "mini miracles", I am a little disappointed. I’ll enjoy using it for now, but I doubt I’ll repurchase, and that't the ultimate acid test.

Have you tried it yet? Thumbs up or thumbs down?



  1. Great review, Im a big fan of the Touch Eclat in shade 2 and wanted to try this one out to see how similar it was also with the eye cream as an added bonus! I think i may be put off trying this now due to the small size! xo

  2. Disappointing! You're right though, it does photograph beautifully. However, I'm always wary of anything that describes itself as a 'miracle'!

    The Beauty Locker

  3. I haven't tried this yet but I found that her Miracle Cream was anything but miraculous! xx


  4. I wanted to try this because I thought it was cool for an eye cream to be on one side and then concealer on the other. For products that claim to be a miracle I never really listen to that because I know it isn't true sadly.

  5. Love your product less to buy hehhehe
    ♥ ♥


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