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The £4 Eyeshadows BETTER than MAC!

When it comes to MAC, eyeshadows are the one area I’ve never gone wild. Blushes yes, lipsticks for sure but eyeshadows – I have a modest collection of FOUR (Satin Taupe, Omega, All That Giltters and Dazzlelight if you’re interested)! The colour range is superb, but the formulas have hardly wowed me. And at £13 a go, you wanna be wowed. I’m super late the to party on this one, but I started to notice these MakeUp Geek Eyeshadows doing the rounds. They basically look a lot like MAC but they’re loads cheaper, and wait for it….. better!?

If you’re a youtube addict, chances are you’ve come across MakeUp Geek Founder Marlena. She’s been tubing for years and came up with MakeUp Geek – luxury cosmetics at affordable prices. Her eyeshadows are the jewel in the crown. Like MAC there’s a rainbow of shades and finishes, unlike MAC they cost $5.99 each (currently about 3.90 in English spondoolies). At a third of the price they absolutely blow MAC out of the water! I poured over the swatches and ordered a fabulous five:

Mocha – a rich, strong, deep matte brown. In true matte fashion it’s a bit “stiff” so you need to be a little more heavy handed with your brush. The colour payoff is fantastic and blends wonderfully.

Cocoa Bear – If there’s one shade that everyone seems to love, this is it! A warm, rich, reddish brown with a true matte finish. Incredibly pigmented and so easy to swatch. Hello autumn!

Latte – A medium matte brown with a subtle warmth. A great transition shade to connect light and dark colours. Very pigmented, and although it’s a matte, the texture is softer and more pliable than mocha.

Hipster - Dark sand/light taupey tan with a very slight shimmer. This one has a beautiful buttery soft texture. Sure it can be layered with other shades but it’s a great one-wash lid colour.

Vanilla Bean –  a matte finish neutral beige with a very slight sheen. It’s an essential neutral shade ideal as a base colour or brow highlight.

I don’t say this often but I am blown away with the quality of MUG’s shadows. The pigmentation is up there with the best I’ve ever had. The formulas are easy to apply and blend, last for ages and don’t crease. The pans are the exact same size as MAC shadows so they fit perfectly into the pro palettes, or any empty free-from palette like the amazing Z palette, which I already had. Oh and they’re talc and cruelty free!

Almost sound too good to be true? Well…

If you’re ordering form the UK

MUG are a US based brand. They DO deliver internationally BUT be warned you’re likely to be slapped with a fee. I ordered five eyeshadow pans. The delivery charge was reasonable $8.99, but I was slapped with a £12 customs charge *weep* (£8 of which was a handling fee! - Hang on, I had to go retrieve it from the sorting office, what did Royal Mail do?). Anyhoo, I took to twitter to have a rant and it seems these charges are a bit hit and miss. If you’re lucky you’ll escape it, but factor it in when you’re considering the savings. Delivery took just short of two weeks.

I think these eyeshadows are amazing, Melena you’re an absolute star! Check out MUG shadows here.

Any MUG fans in the house?



  1. These are all so, so beautiful! I definitely need to get my hands on them. x

    1. They're really REALLY good! Which country are you in? x

  2. They look so nice, I need to get my hands on them.


    1. They are stunning! I want more now.. if only it wasn't for the customs charge x

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous! I really want to get my hands on them now but not sure about the whole customs charge thing, how stupid! They should start selling them over here :)

    Just Little Things xo

  4. Wow! Great shadows you got... might be getting some too but I'm afraid of the shipping and handling fee. I really still want to try it though, the exact 5 shadows that you got. :)
    Sincerely Renny

  5. I am a huge fan of MUG eyeshadows I'd recommend desert sands and the foiled eyeshadows too, they are perfection :)
    Beauty Wanderer

  6. I've never tried Make Up Geek shadows but I have heard fabulous things.

    Rachel |

  7. I would love to try them too!

  8. Wowzer. I love the shade 'Hipster' especially, that's super-pretty! Where did you buy these from? Did you have to pay lots of tax and shipping? I wish these were more easily available in the UK. I didn't know that the pans fit into Mac palettes either, that's useful knowledge right there! Want! xx

    Sarah |

  9. Oh my god these look so good! I'm heading to America next year so I'm deaf adding these to my list of things to grab :) x

  10. I reeeeally want to try these! Latte looks a perfect crease shade. I have heard a few horror stories about their customs charges, which is what's put me off doing an order so far xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | High-End Palette Giveaway


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