Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Big LOVE for Honeylove

CONFESSION – I’ve got a tiny girl crush on the Little Mix ladies. I follow stalk their MUA Celena Hancock on Instagram. I could tell you that I didn’t buy this lipstick because she used it on Perrie and Jesy… but that would be a big fat lie.

Honeylove Matte £15.50 described by MAC as “a light beige toned with rose”. I’d describe it as a soft honey toned nude – is beigey, browny and ever so peachy. You know I've got big love for Creme d'nude, but for many it flies a little too close to the concealer lips look. No danger of that here, the slightly warm tawny undertones add a lovely depth and prevents you from looking dug up, in fact it has a little warming effect on moi. It’s incredibly pigmented and even though it’s a matte finish, the formula is creamy and doesn’t drag on application (like the retro mattes).  It’s funny because I used to avoid matte lipsticks like the plague, but they’re fast becoming my favourite finish. Classic, effortless and requiring a lot less touch ups than the creamy ones. It looks perfect teamed with a classic smokey eye, but it's totally "everyday" wearable too.

If you're looking for that Kylie Jenner/90s throwback inspired look, try teaming it with Soar, Stripdown or Whirl lipliners, personally I prefer it by itself, blotted on in that effortless Brigitte Bardot way.

I think it's my new favourite nude! What's your fave nude lipstick?



  1. Such a gorgeous colour! It looks stunning on you! xx

  2. Looks so flattering on you! Do you think it will look too pale on medium skin tone? I am loving the Maybelline Drama Lip Pencil in Nude Perfection. Stunning wearable shade that is a dream to apply!

    Wendy xx

    1. I don't think so. Jesy from Little Mix has a dark skintone and it suits her. That lip pencil sounds great... I need to check that out. Thanks Wendy x

  3. My perfect nude is Mac Blankety !

  4. This colour looks lovely on you x

  5. Absolutely beautiful colour. Next on my mac hit list! I think my perfect nude is Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect. It's too coral toned for pale girls but it suits me down to the ground, I love it x

    Sarah |

  6. Lovely shade! Mac lipsticks are so gorgeous :)


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