Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Worth the Hype? St.Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion

Whilst the beauty World went into over drive buzzing about the new St Tropez Gradual in shower tanning lotion £14.50, I deliberately stood back and decided I’d let the others do the testing and the reviews do the talking. Problem is, there’s been no general consensus! We’re not raving or hating! But the curiosity was killing me and just as I was about to buy a bottle, inStyle Magazine came out with a freebie on the cover!!!  

With a wedding on the horizon I decided to slap it straight on. If I was quick there was time for three applications – I’d heard it was a slow burner/tanner. And to really see the difference it made, I decided to tan one arm and leave the other – the things I do for you!

How to use…

By now, you know the script. Shower as normal, do what you gotta do and rinse off your suds. Turn the shower off and apply the St Tropez lotion all over your damp body. Wait three minutes. Stick the shower back on. Rinse off. Pat dry. Easy peasy!

This is an application I can get on board with. Okay standing in the shower for three minutes ringing wet isn’t my favourite past time, but it’s a hella lot quicker and less of a faff-on than covering your body in a tar-like product and waiting all day for it to take effect. There was no tell-tail biscuit/chicken skin scent and no brown stains on the bed sheets. So far, so good.

The Results….

Looking at the picture above, could you guess which arm has been St Tropez’d? The difference AFTER THREE APPLICATIONS is pretty negligible, if anything the arm I didn’t tan actually looks darker! I’m not suggesting St Tropez in shower tanning lotion actually lightens your skin – that would be outrageous, but on my arms it’s had zero tanning effect. After the third application I started to see a tiny bit more colour on my legs, which haven’t seen much natural sun this year, but also a little build up on my knees.

No danger of me sitting on the fence - St Tropez in shower lotion, in my experience is a major fail. I stood cold and wet in the shower for a combined 9 minutes and came out lighter than I went in… except on my knees. If you’re really fair or incredibly patient, I think this could be worth a try. For me, I’m just pleased I got to test it before buying a full bottle.

If I haven’t completely put you off, Grab a free sample of St Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion with August’s InStyle Magazine… out now! 



  1. Oh man, this is so disappointing, I really wanted to try it! xx

    Jane | Poptarts Beauty Blog | Youtube

  2. That's a shame - I've been desperate to try that! The Beauty Informer x

  3. I have to admit, I couldn't see a difference. However, you do have such a lovely tan already so maybe on someone as pale as me it would actually have an effect! This is a product I wanted so desperately to work, because the process of fake tan application is what deters me and this sounded so simple. x


    1. Totally agree. If it worked it would be really REALLY convenient. Fake tan application is such a pain. It's worth a try if you're paler. I might hang on to it and try it again in winter when i'm a bit paler x

  4. I think this would work better on a much paler skin tone, I will be picking up Instyle to try it out :) x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    1. Definitely worth a try Heather.. especially for the price of a magazine. If you go to Tesco, they've got it for £2.50 apparently x

  5. I was intrigued and sceptical about this product but your review has helped make my mind up...NO BUY!! Thanks Le Beauty xx

    1. I so wanted it to work! Have you tried the St Tropez express tan, develops in an hour or two x


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