Monday, 20 July 2015

Nude Palette with Serious ATTI'tude

Step aside naked palette, there's a new dude in town. Okay, technically not new (I think this has been kicking around for a few years in the US) but the San Fran based brand is much lesser known here in the UK and it's only recently that it's crept its way across the pond. The Balm Cosmetics has attitude – it’s fun, sassy and classy, and if the nude tude palette is anything to go by… qual-a-taaay!

The 12 shades are a great mixture of warm and neutral tones. There’s quite a lot of frost/shimmers, which I love and a few sexy satin and mattes.

Sassy is a frosted white with great colour payoff and a buttery, smooth texture. A great base or brow bone highlight.
Snobby is a shimmery gold/yellow. It doesn’t show up great in the photos because it’s similar to my skin tone, but it makes a great inner eye highlight.
Stubborn is a light-medium peach pink with a soft frost finish.
Stand-offish is a pinky bronze shimmer with a frost-metallic finish. It’s smooth with a decent colour payoff. Reminds me of X in the Naked paltette
Selfish is a frosted taupe – I love this one. Reminds me a little of MAC Satin Taupe, but lighter. Great pigmentation and buttery soft.
Sultry is a warmed-up, medium brown with a satin finish. It has a very soft texture and is super easy to blend. A great one-wash shade, similar to MAC Soba.
Sophisticated is a dark, cool toned brown with a very subtle bronze shimmer.
Schitzo is a warm, golden bronze-brown with a soft, satin/frost finish. Anpther of my favourites, it’s great for a bronze smokey eye and has incredibly pigmentation.
Sexy is rich burgundy with hints of red and brown with a sexy matte finish.
Silly is a red-tinted brown with flecks of copper sparkle. It’s a beautiful shade but it doesn’t have the best colour payoff – fairly soft and sheer.
Serious is a medium-dark black with a matte finish. A great smudge out shade – pigmentation is fantastic and being a matte it’s incredibly long lasting. I smudge this one along my lash lines.
Sleek is a dark black-brown with a matte finish. It’s less dramatic, warmer than Serious, but with the same amazing colour pay off.

I’ve been using this palette for months and only just realised all the shades start  with “S”. Any significance? Who knows? What I do know is this palette is fantastic. The powders are satiny smooth, have amazing pigmentation and blend incredibly. For a so-called “nude” palette there’s actually quite a lot of colour in there, it’s not just 12 variations of brown. My personal faves are Selfish, Sophisticated and Seductive, the only disappointing shade - Silly - poor pigmentation. The packaging is cute and sassy – sexy ladies, their modesty protected by the shadows. I generally prefer hard case shells – easier to clean and stack, but the cardboard outer is slim and light-weight, and still includes a mirror.

A comparison to Urban Decay’s Naked palette is natural – they both have a nude/naked theme and they’re both palettes, but there’s actually not much overlap when it comes to shades. They’re similar, but not too similar that you can’t have both. I actually find the two work really well together.

The Nude Tude Palette retails for £30, Feel Unique and Superdrug, but I actually found it on Amazon for £19.75. At either price point it’s well worth it and now I'm being greedy and want to try Nude Dude - like i need another eyeshadow palette! 

What's your favourite shade? 



  1. Love this palette, my sister has it & I've always wanted one for myself :) Pretty shades.

    Just Little Things xo

  2. I need this palette. I reckon I would pay the price of this palette just to own that shade sexy - So gorgeous x

  3. Great look you created!! I have this palette but i admit it's been neglected. Now the meet matt(e) i always have at the ready.


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