Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Benefit They're Real! in Sexy Killer Colours

They're Real Mascara Beyond Brown with Push Up Liner Beyond Blue

As a They’re Real FAN-atic, news that they were launching the best-selling-award-winning mascara and slightly lesser loved but equally talked about Push-Up Liner in new killer colours evoked a big whoop, whoop from me. Here’s the deal…

They’re Real Mascara is now available in Beyond Black, Beyond Blue and Beyond Brown. They’re real! push-up eyeliner now comes in five rocking shades - Beyond Black, Blue, Brown, Purple and Green.

They’re Real Mascara - Beyond Brown* £19.50 here

There’s a reason They’re Real is the UK's No.1 best-selling mascara… it’s simply ah-mazing! Va, va,VOOM lashes every time! I wear this and people ask if I’m wearing falsies (full review here). Which is great, BUT there are days when I want to look less done, i.e work days. Could Beyond Brown be the answer? Forget what you think you know about brown mascara. It’s not dull and it’s not just for the over 60s. This isn’t any brown, it’s Beyond Brown! It’s a really striking, rich, milk chocolate brown and unlike other brown mascaras, that basically just look like a soft black, this one goes on brown and stays brown. For me this is a great every day mascara – the same kick-ass volume and curves, but with a softer, more wearable edge.

They’re real! push-up eyeliner Beyond Blue* £18.50 here

I can’t remember a beauty product generating as much pre-sale buzz and anticipation as Benefit’s gel-pen-liner. However it turned out the nifty little liner wasn’t so, er, nifty. Mixed reviews and a shaky test at the Benefit counter put me off this the first time around. But I’ve surprised myself with how easily I’ve got the hang of it. I can’t lie – my first attempt was a disaster. I removed the orange stopper, twisted the pen until the product appeared, wiped off the excess, and proceeded to draw a squiggly line half way up my lid, which I then tried to fix by making it thicker, and THICKER – we’ve all been there! Don’t apply this like a normal liner, it’s NOT a normal liner. I watched this video and hey presto, my second attempt was spot on. It’s actually pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. Don’t attempt to do one perfect, straight line. I did the outer half, then the inner half. I love how the AccuFlex tip hugs the lash line allowing you to get right to the root. It dries quick so no time to hang around and it lasts all day, and night! Let’s talk colour. I actually love blue eye liner… this isn’t my first. For some it may still conjure up thoughts of the 80s, to that I say Get.Over.It! Blue liner has moved on. It’s actually a great eye brightener and gives a more wide awake look. Beyond Blue is a sexy midnight blue, bordering on navy, making it subtle, totally wearable and very pretty. In the pictures above I’m wearing a thin, everyday line, but you can go as thick as you like or up the impact with pretty blue cat flicks.

I'm embracing the colour. Are you? 



  1. I like the idea of the brown mascara, your lashes look crazy long! & the blue eyeliner looks lovely on you! I have my eye on the green eyeliner they've brought out.

    Hayley xo | Sailor Stories | Check out my Giveaway!

    1. Oh me too! The green looks lovely, and the purple actually :) x

  2. I love the brown mascara, think I'm going to have to give it a go x

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It really is lovely. Makes a nice change x

  3. Your make up is stunning! I love the color!

  4. Love the idea of the new colours, the blue liner is gorgeous

    Hannah Heartss x

  5. I love the blues! Especially the blue mascara, might have make some purchases x

  6. I love brown mascara, I love They're Real mascara by benefit. Match made in heaven! x
    Beauty Wanderer

  7. This is a really gorgeous look. I wouldn't have thought to make this navy and brown combo but it looks so beautiful!



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