Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A Small but oh-so-Mighty US Beauty Haul

Most girls might be tad disappointed when your fiancee comes home and tells you he’s heading to New York… without you. Me, I reach for the nearest pad and start making a list!

Before I share, can I just say NUMBER ONE on the list was the Lorac Pro Palette.I believe my words were “don’t come back without the Lorac Palette”. Guess what, he came back, a Lorac palette did not (insert angry face). Not for lack of trying (or so he tells me) but nowhere in Manhattan appear to sell Lorac?!?! Sephora, MACY’s, Barney’s, CVS – no, no, no and no. I sent him searching for Nordstrom but it was a sale store with no beauty. The nearest Ultra was in Glendale. US ladies, help me out here, what’s up with that?

Lorac rant aside he did come back with some lovely treats….

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipsticks – Just peachy and Pink sugar $1.99 each 

If you’re heading to the US I can STRONGLY recommend picking up a Wet n Wild Lipsticks or two! I absolutely adore them and cannot believe they cost just a couple of dollars! If I lived in the US I doubt I’d need to buy another other lipstick brand. The pigmentation, the texture, the staying power – all phenomenal. I’m building up quite the collection of Wet n Wild Lipsticks – I can feel another post brewing. Just Peachy is a gorgeous peachy pink. Pink Sugar, despite the name, I’d describe as more of a peachy nude with a tiny hint of pink. You can pick up some shades in Amazon - they're still cheap, but they’re not as cheap.

Wet 'n Wild Eyeshadow Palette The Naked Truth $3.99

That’s a hella lotta eyeshadow for a couple of quid! A mixture of mattes, shimmers and satins, it’s the perfect neutral everyday palette. Just like the lipsticks the pigmentation, texture and staying power are fab – check out the swatches.

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss Rebel $18

Sure you can get bareMinerals over here but it’s a fair bit cheaper across the pond. This was used on me at a bareMinerals masterclass and I luuuurved it - despite not being much of a lip gloss gal these days. But at the time I really couldn’t justify ANOTHER lip product (see, I can exercise SOME restraint). It’s a gorgeous rosey pink that give the lips a sexy luscious finish. There’s more than enough pigmentation to wear alone, it has a delicate minty scent and boy does it last.

Sephora collection Master Cleanse: Daily Brush Cleaner $8.50

A non-alcoholic solution to keep brushes clean and sanitized. A great piece for popping in my kit for on the spot cleaning.

Sephora collection Disposable Mascara Wands $7

Disposable Mascara Wands are an MUA must-have! It’s a cardinal sin to share mascara wands, but as we know much of the magic in a mascara lies in a wand. Generic disposable mascara wands are basically brow spooly’s, for me they don’t cut the mustard. Although these silicone ones are much more expensive, the results are MUCH better.

MAC 213 Fluff Brush $24

You know how much I love my 217, but sometimes you need something smaller that can navigate the eye with more precision. Step forward the 213 – a small, dense, dome shaped brush, ideal for shadow application and shading. Contrary to the name it’s not actually that fluffy. The bristles are soft, but I wouldn’t call it a blending brush persay. It works brilliantly alongside the 217. The 213 lays down the product, the 217 does the blending – I dare say you could create any look with these two in your arsenal.

MAC Lipstick Honeylove $16

There’s only one reason I asked for another MAC lipstick – they’re so much cheaper in the US. $16 is about £10… that’s a lot better than £15.50! Can you believe this is my first MAC Matte lipstick (aside from RiRi Woo which is retro Matte) I’m usually a cremesheen girl… understandably I’m blown away with their staying power. Full post on this one coming soon!

 So that’s my Lorac-free US haul… Work on an invite to the next trip has begun!



  1. These are all so gorgeous! I like BARE MINERALS.

    1. me too, think I'm becoming a bit of a bareMinerals addict. i love their bases x

  2. I love that just peachy lipstick!

    Jacynta xx

  3. Gorgeous haul! I am desperate to get my hands on the lorac pro palette haha!

    Just Little Things xo

  4. The disposable mascara wands in different shapes is such a cool idea!

  5. It's so frustrating that Ulta is the only place to stock Lorac and they seem to be in random places rather than cities. I remember going to LA and visiting somewhere and turning and seeing it next to an Ulta, it was like my prayers had been answered... until I saw an empty shelf. Luckily i have a friend in the US so she was able to send it over for me. It's amazing and worth the wait.

    Victoria x

  6. I'm going to America next year and I know there is an Ulta near my hotel so will be picking some bits up from there. Can't wait to go to walmart and sephora and get loads of make up! I found a cosmetic company outlet last time and picked up some great bits from there. xx

  7. Oooh can you get MAC from Sephora in the USA or is it just in the standalone shops? I'm definitely going to pick some up on my next trip over - along with the Wet n Wild lipsticks!
    Thanks for the tips
    JH |

    1. Hi Jennifer, No, you can't get MAC from Sephora I'm afraid, Standalone shops and department stores like Macy's. Have a great trip! x


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