Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Favourie Lip Combo

I do love a good lip combo. For a while there it was lip gloss OR lipstick and for a long time lip liner was off the menu but now, we’re all in. This is my current favourite every day combo recycling some oldies but goodies….

No7 Precision Lip Pencil Nude £6.95 Boots – a classic my-lips-but-better nude. I picked this up ages ago on a Lisa Eldridge recommendation – thanks Lise. It glides on with ease and provides the perfect base for applying any lip colour. Line the entire lips area for a more natural and long lasting look.

MAC Lipstick Hue £15.50 (£13.95 10% off Debenhams) is a perfect soft pinky nude. I love the shade, but the formula, not so much. It’s a lustre finish (semi-sheer, moisturising) which is usually fine, but this one tends to be more on the dry side on me and “sits” in the cracks. That’s why it’s ideal to pair with a liner, gloss or BOTH for maximum lusciousness.

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Buff £18.50 (£16.65 10% off Debenhams) A MLBB gloss. This ties the lip look together perfectly. Non-sticky, semi-sheer with a hint of rosey pink colour, it provides a pretty sheen and creates a fuller look… pout ready!

If you’re not sold on the combo thing – too much effort for everyday? I hear ya! BUT by lining the lips first your lipstick will last a hella lot longer and even when the lip gloss fades, there’s still plenty colour under there.

Lip combos, yeh or nay? What’s your favourite? 



  1. The color combination match gorgeously and I am excited to try it ;) wish you a lovely day

  2. Love a good pinky nude! My recent perfect combo is Marc Jacobs lipstick in Role Play and his lipgloss in Pretty Thing.

  3. This is a gorgeous combo


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