Monday, 15 June 2015

Beauty Storage on the Move


My static beauty storage needs are taken care of, I’m still pretty happy with my Ikea Hemnes dresser and acrylic Muji Drawers but when it comes to beauty on the move… I didn’t know where to begin. Now that I’m doing a bit of freelance make up I need to be able to take my stash with me, and a Cath Kidston wash bag ain’t gonna cut it.

In an ideal world (when I’m a fully-fledged MUA and whizzing around all over the place *I hope) I’d have one of those zuca trolley cases with the MAC Pro Travel Case neatly slotted on top but for now I wanted an affordable mobile solution that allows me to transport a good stash of products (in an organised manor, of course).

After a lot of research – you know me, nothing left to chance – I went for the San Remo Beauty Box from Amazon £41.99. This is an ideal storage solution for Make up artists, mobile hairdressers, beauty therapists or any one with way more make up than one person should own! I am REALLY happy with the quality of this box. It looks professional, sleek and stylish! It’s incredibly strong and robust with sturdy, smooth hinges and handle. It’s light-weight yet has enough space to hold all of this…

The toolbox style case is lockable and opens up to reveal three trays – one deep, two shallow. Slide them to the side and you’ve got a really large, deep, freestyle compartment where you can store bigger/bulkier items or insert your own dividers to organise to suit YOUR needs. That was the appeal with the San Remo, I have a LOT of palettes and needed a deep compartment to stack em’. Rather handily it also fits my brush roll on top of the trays and the doors still close. I wish I could say it stores all of my make up – it doesn’t but that’s because I have too much. As I continue, okay, start to declutter and down size I’d expect one day soon it will store all my stash. It would also be a really good solution for anyone that doesn’t have to luxury (or desire) to store their beauty wares on show and wants an organised solution they can store out of sight. That’s another thing I love about it, when it’s not in use it slides neatly into the bottom of my wardrobe, unlike the trolley cases which are pretty bulky.

Let’s talk weight – empty, it weighs just 3.4kgs, but when you start to fill it with lotions and potions, it gains weight and fast. This probably isn’t ideal for traveling around on buses and tubes, but for throwing in the car or building up the biceps, it’s perfect. Also, how much fun did I have merchandising it!

Check out the San Remo Beauty Box here



  1. Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing! These are all so gorgeous!

  2. Oh wow this looks incredible! Sounds so perfect for what you need! I have a tiny one but it barely fits anything in, this is such a great size! Lovely photos x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  3. This looks so lovely and stores so much! I love how sturdy it looks, as well. x

    1. It really is sturdy, for the money it's well worth it x

  4. I still think you look like a full on pro with this!x

  5. Is it just a dream? For me it's an impossible dream. I envy you 100%. :)


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