Saturday, 20 June 2015

Beauty Blight... When the products you love are discontinued

Proving all the money in the world can’t safeguard you from the ultimate beauty curse that is discontinued products. Even Kim K experienced the true grief of a make up junkie after her favourite foundation was discontinued. You may have seen in the press she tweeted Armani when she discovered her go-to Designer Shaping Cream Foundation had been given the chop, but committed the ultimate twitter faux pas misspelling GIORGIO’S first name – the response was hilarious – an offer of some foundation… with a side of shade.

It got me reminiscing about the beauties I’ve loved and lost over the years. My number one most loved, most missed (it’s been four years and it still hurts like hell) MAC Blushcremes. That soft, creamy tackiness was perfection in a pan! Amazingly pigmented, exquisitely bendable and the most long lasting of any cream blush I’ve known. The cool pink toned Ladyblush was my go-to for an unparalleled fresh, dewy, healthy glow (wearing in the picture above). I stockpiled as many as I could and still have a little of Lilicent (peachy pink) remaining, but between me and my Mum, the stocks soon dwindled. Damn you MAC, I’m still so annoyed by this… Cremeblend’s just don’t cut it!

Proof they’re serial offenders when it comes to the act of discontinuation… MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation was a constant on my makeup menu for a long time. It always provided a coverage and glow I could rely on. I managed to track down a couple of bottles on eBay/Depop – I’ve still got a little NC25 and 30, and even though they’re probably too old to use, I guard them with my life!

Benefit Her Glossiness Lipgloss, I think the shade was They didn’t Hear it from Me (the one pictured above is Your people, My people). Cica 2006-2007 this was all I wore on my lips. How I loved that nudey pinky peachness! It went perfectly with my grey smokey eye (the only one I knew how to do back then) and it was the first gloss I came across that had that crème finish. Before that it was all that shiny, sticky, shimmery nonsense. Once that bit the dust, that was me done with lipgloss.

Researching discontinued beauty products I’ve just stumbled upon something shocking… Has Benefit Bella Bamba been discontinued? Please noooooooo! That’s a beautiful blush – see my review here. No need to hit the panic button just yet, between the box I have left and the Cheeky Sweet Spot Palette I picked up at Chrsitmas, I probably have enough supplies to last me a while, but when they’re gone, THEY’RE GONE!

So what have you loved and lost? If you could bring back one product, what would it be? 



  1. The MAC limited edition lipstick in Woodrose is my all time favourite lip colour. I am gutted that I cant pick up another one :(
    Beauty Wanderer

  2. There was a plumping lip gloss from the brand Pout that tingled when you applied it, tasted like mint, had a minty aroma & was my favourite ever gloss & then the brand just disappeared! The same thing happened with a Prescriptives concealer & Armani Hydra Glow foundation was my favourite foundation EVER & it was dis-continued! Hate when that happens! xx


    1. Oh my god I still have one of those Pout lip glosses, I literally just wore it yesterday! What's the chances. Hate it when foundations are discontinued... that's the worst kind x

  3. I wonder why they discontinued Bella Bamba! I have quite a few Benefit blushes but didn't manage to get my hands on that one ... I guess now it's too late. I was afraid it might be overly shimmery but I do like the underlying colour, plus Sugarbomb by Benefit is also super shimmery but one of my all-time favs.

    1. I'm really surprised too! Bella Bamba always seem so popular too. Let's hope Sugarbomb doesn't get the chop x

  4. Loved this post-Armani's response to KK is fabulous!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict


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