Sunday, 10 May 2015

Bold Is Beautiful - Brow Raising Money For Charity

You know my motto - It's all about the brows! I don't say that lightly, I really am brow obsessed. I don't care what the rest of me looks like as long as my brows are on point/on fleek/brow game strong (or whatever the kids say these days). Understandably the thought of someones else touching le brows makes me very nervous and that's why I normally do them myself.  However, I've been on a major grow back mission since Christmas. I've been using a RapidBrow (pssst. IT WORKS, more on that soon I promise), imposed a tweezer ban and basically ended up looking like Sandy Cohen's love child. No bad thing, but I wanted to get a bit of shape back in there, and along comes #BoldisBeautiful

The Bold Is Beautiful project is Benefit's latest endeavour (remember Brow March) to raise money for women and girls. Throughout the month of May Benefit will donate 100% of the profits from brow waxes to two very worthwhile charities - Refuge, empowering women and children who experience domestic violence and Look Good Feel Better, helping women and teenagers with the visible side-effects of cancer treatment. Pop along to your nearest brow bar for a Benefit brow-over, as well as supporting the charities, you'll also be rewarded with an amazing freebie - a full size Gimme Brow worth £18.50 (see my review here).

So, I womaned up and went along for my brow wax at my local Boots. Not to over dramatise things but I'd had a negative experience with a Benefit's Brow Bar in the past (I was scalped, it wasn't pretty) and was slightly nervous letting them loose on my arches again. But they did a brilliant job - I'm so happy with the results. I told the girl I didn't want to lose much of the thickness, I just needed some help with the shape. She waxed away the wild stragglers - I wasn't joking about the tweezer ban, and set about putting in some shape. She took my arches higher, adding a slight point and trimmed the bushy bulbous. I have really thick, course hairs with massive roots so I get pretty red and sore afterwards. Last time around I also got some nasty pimples so I decided to forgoe concealer and just have a little aloe vera gel. It meant I had to walk home with a very red face but it did the job and my skin's healed quickly. It's amazing the effect brows have on the face. This re-shaped has been like a mini face lift for me - I'm so pleased I took advantage of the Bold is Beautiful campaign - who knew your arches could support women and children!

#BoldIsBeautiful Have you been for yours?



  1. Serious brow goals right now!
    They look incredible.
    Leanne xx

    1. Ha ha, thank you Leanne. It's all about the brows! x

  2. Claire, your lashes are stunning in the photo above (as are your brows!) you recall what mascara you used?


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