Saturday, 25 April 2015

The New Whites by Nails inc - Whitehall and Swan Street

It's official, new whites are the new black. I'll keep this on a need to know basis, Nails Inc launched the 4-piece "The New Whites" collection. Soft, white based polishes with just enough colour to stop them from looking like tip ex. On paper, it shouldn't work it in reality they're sexy, cute & chic.
Swan Street, the minty pastel on the right, was my first, review here, but Whitehall caught my eye and I couldn't shake it off. Whitehall is a soft white with a hint of barely there peach. Big love for the new bottles? I wasn't sure at first but I'm well and truly loved up now, I think that's part of the reason I felt compelled to buy another... Don't they look cute as pair!? Back to the soft peach, I'd actually say it's a pinky peach pastel shade. A new take on white, it's not a bland, pretty, or even girly shade, it's cool and edgy and the white base has an illuminating, brightening effect - hands actually look more tanned, not washed out!

Formula wise, it's fairly opaque but did come out a little streaky. Most fingers needed a third coat. I'm thinking of popping back to nails inc to see what they do differently. When I had my manicure there using Swan Street the finish was perfect from two coats. The brush is amazing, the way it perfectly distributes the right amount of polish and holds on to the excess, it's extra wide too and fits the contours of my new-square-nails perfectly. Enriched with porcelain flower extract to strengthen nails, the formula it ultra glossy and seriously long lasting.  

Clearly I'm hooked on The New Whites... 2 more to go, will I resist? RRP £14, save 10% on beauty at Debenhams this weekend



  1. I've just ordered 3 of the 4! The only one I wasn't keen on was the pale greyish colour! Can't wait to wear them! xx

    1. Ooooo lucky lady. The pastel pink one is so pretty too x

  2. Gorgeous shades - I really want to try some polishes from this collection x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  3. I love these shades. I also love the shape of your nails! x


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