Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Liz Earle Deeeeeeeeep Cleansing Mask

You might recognise this from the Beauty Junkie’s Wishlist. What can I say, I’m weak! But lately my skin’s been a but bleurgh (very technical term for dull, crap, patchy, tired). To Liz I looked for help…

Deep Cleansing Mask* from £6.00 is a good ol’ clay mask that draws out impurities, clears out pores and gets deep, deep down for good and proper cleanse. There’s something very satisfying about a clay mask. I’ve got no time for transparent masks, I like to see exactly where I’m putting it and I like the way it dries. Packed with active ingredients including green clay, manuka honey, propolis and rose-scented geranium, it’s reassuringly and naturally scented and kind to skin. Using it after cleansing, I whack on a generous layer, allow ten minutes for it to do its magic, then wipe away with a dampened sponge. Argh, the sponges, I must admit it was the sponges that sold it to me in the first place. I fancied seeing how they compare to the hot cloths? I can tell you they’re really satisfying! They have a slight exfoliating effect and a pleasurable sensation on the skin. I’ve used them to remove my cleanser too… love, love, LOVE!    

The results? My pores look so much smaller, actually, they’re invisible!  My face feels squeaky clean, visibly brighter and tighter and less oily. I also noticed it gives me a much smoother canvas for apply make up. It does for skin, what clarifying/detox shampoos do for hair… build up be gone!

Deep Cleansing Mask from £6.00 Liz Earle | JohnLewis | Boots  



  1. Sounds great & a brilliant price! xx

  2. ️Love Liz Earle,it was actually off the back of one of your posts that I first bought the hot cloth cleanser and I've never looked back.

    This sounds right up my street, love a good clay mask too.Another fab post xx

    1. I love to share the gift of Liz :) It was my friends that bullied me into it in the first place, so I love knowing I've encouraged others to take the plunge... and that it's working for you! Brilliant x

  3. I like your blog and this post very much! Everything is so beautiful!

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Thank you so much Diana, that means a lot x


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