Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Trip to Sephora and the MOST Beautiful Eyeshadow

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again... WHY DON’T WE HAVE A SEPHORA IN THE UK? Sephora is a makeup junkies mecca so I couldn’t resist a quick pit stop on my recent trip to Paris. Down the escalators I went and into heaven I entered… I was even greeted by a real-life French Bulldog! Slobbering love for Sephora aside, I was a very good girl/very bad blogger and only bought one item. In my defence I had just ransacked City Pharma (see it here) and French Sephora’s are no where near as cheap as the US ones.

Anyway you can see from the pics I was casually swatching eyeshadows and as soon as I locked eyes on Fireworks (no. 22) it was clearly coming home with me. It’s a dark, intense bluely grey iridescent eyeshadow. The base I’d describe as a blackened charcoal with a striking multicoloured shimmer running through it, which depending on the light will differ, but overall it leans towards the navy blue/charcoal. The pigmentation is just incredible, the colour you see in the pan is the colour you get on your eyes. Sephora calls this a glitter finish but don’t be deterred by that, it’s not overly glittery. It’s more of a shimmer with some larger pieces in it, which creates an amazing multi-dimensional shade. It’s a great one shade does it all kinda shadow – you can create a really intense, smokey eye from this one shade alone. Beware there’s a fair bit of fall out, but with dark shades, especially shimmering ones, I always do the eye first. I find this one applies really well with the best beauty tool of them all… fingers. It allows more control over where you apply the pigment and lets you to get right in the tiny inner corner. Once you’ve laid the colour down, blend out with a fluffy blending brush. And voile - super easy smokey eye.

Check out Sephora's eyeshows $12 and don't forget Sephora now ships to the UK for just £6 on orders over £75!



  1. I love Sephora's eyeshadows! I have two that are nearly identical.... Flirting Game (no. 46) and Faux Fur (no. 48). I usually use them when I'm in a hurry and just want to use a single color. So pretty!

  2. Gorgeous shade, it looks quite similar to Mac Beauty Marked :)
    xxx Claire


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