Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Hardest Working, Holy Grailing, Multi Tasking, Skin/Hair/Nail care Wonder

I’m all about the multi-tasker and few products work harder than argan ail. By now I think we all know argan oil is pretty amazing. Loved by make up artists and celebrities the World over - Eva Mendes, aka the woman that snagged Ry-Gos calls it her total skin secret... if it's good enough for Eva!!!. It moisturises, it hydrates, it softens. Use it on the face, body, nails and hair - no wonder they call it liquid gold. BUT Not all argan oils are equal. Don't be fooled by poor imitations, it needs to be 100% pure argan oil to reap the benefits.

The Moroccan Argan Oil £13.99* by the Morroccan Argan Oil Co. has all the hall marks of a top class argan. It has the light golden yellow colour, comes in an amber glass bottle, has a mild nutty aroma and contain only 100% PURE ORGANIC ARGAN OIL. It melts into the skin quickly and effectively leaving skin soft, moisturised and plumped. Packed full of vitamin E, it's one of nature's most effective moisturisers and rich in fatty acids, which helps protect the skin from wrinkling... it's basically an all-round skincare wonder.

Here’s just a few things I use The Morocaan Argan Oil for;

  • Soften cuticles - a couple of drops on the nail bed and massage into cuticles
  • Moiturise patchy, dry skin - rough elbows and knees TACKLED
  • Overnight hair/scalp treatment
  • Massage oil
  • Face serum 
  • Face moisturiser - seriously, add a drop to your moisturiser for stunning radiance 
  • Make up remover

And the list goes on. I keep a bottle on my desk at work and one by my bedside table and I’m always dipping in and out of the stuff.

If you fancy trying The Moroccan Argan Oil take advantage of the 30% off promo code. Enter code NEWYEAR30 until 28th Feb to bag the discount.



  1. Found your blog recently and I’d like to say that I’m in love with it!
    Interesting posts and beautiful photos!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Hi Diana, Thanks so much, I'll check it out x


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