Friday, 20 February 2015

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, Worth The Hype?

For me, Secret Camouflage is one of those products that I’ve wanted for AGES, but never got round to buying. From the minute I started watching Lisa’s (Eldridge, in case you’re not on first name terms) videos, I wanted it. And now I have it... was it worth the hype?

I’ll cut to the chase; it’s completely different to what I expected. The texture is extremely stiff. At room temperature, I’m talking February in Northern England, it’s as stiff as a board. Sweep your brush over the concealer and you get, well, next to nothing. It takes a good rub, preferably with a warm finger to loosen and release the product – similar to a stick foundation but stiffer. Once you have the product loosen, on your hand or face, it does become softer, pliable and easy to work with. You know when you go on holiday and all your make up melts? Well that might actually be a good thing for Secret Cam. Texture surprise aside, once you get used to it and find the best way to work with it, you discover it’s pretty damn amazing!

It’s very, very pigmented. It’s thick, but not cakey, meaning you only need a tiny bit and boy does it pack a punch. I’ve developed what can almost be described as a bindi spot on my forehead. It’s a small red spot, maybe a blood vessel, but it’s very noticeable. This makes it disappear! It’s excellent for the ol’ pin-point concealing. I take a tiny brush (Real Techniques Detailer Brush) take the product from the palette of the back of my hand and dab directly on the spot. Using my finger I then blend the edges. It blends seamlessly, no trace that I’m wearing concealer at all, in fact, it’s kinda magic. The colour match is perfect too. I’m NC25-30 and went with SC-3. There’s a lighter yellow toned shade on one side and a slightly smaller, pink toned shade on the other, allowing you to blend and customise your own perfect shade. Spots, discolorations, even eye bags... Secret Camouflage has quite literally got them covered! It’s as good on larger areas as it is on teeny tiny blemishes. It dries to a natural finish and lasts all day. I can certainly see why it’s a make up artists dream.

It’s certainly not a dab and go concealer. It takes a tad more precision and effort, but if you want bullet proof coverage that lasts all day, this is it! So, to answer my question, is it worth the hype? Hell YES! I’m glad I’ve got this in my kit now. I use it most days on the “bindi” and I would highly recommend it for occasion/bridal makeup.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage £26.50 House of Fraser | Space NK | John Lewis



  1. Secret Camouflage was the first makeup I bought after I started watching Lisa Eldridge's videos too. I am hitting pan on it, and I love it (I'm shade SC1). It does work better than all the other blemish concealers I currently have (dermablend, il makiage, bobbi brown, and bourjois), mostly because it's the ONLY ONE that I can color match to my pale, pale skin. It covers great, but unfortunately for me it does wear off. I don't know why! Maybe my skin is extra horrible, or I touch it more than I realize, but the concealer does fade away some after a dew hours and red blemishes show through.

    I am on a concealer kick right now and just bought Becca's extreme cover concealers and Kevyn Aucoin's skin enhancers to see how they compare to Laura Mercier's.

    1. That's a shame Naomi, I find it lasts all day on me. I set mine with MAC Mineralize Powder, which also has a little coverage in it. Good luck with Kevin and Becca x

  2. I bought this concealer after seeing it featured in a few of Lisa's videos and have to agree with you that it's hard work, I don't keep it in my morning makeup bag for that reason xo

    1. I know, and I was a little disappointed at that at first, but the more I use it, the easier and quicker it gets. x


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