Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My Lips but Better.. and with a little Gloss

Here we go, here we go, here we go again, girls what's my weakness MEN LIPSTICK! So I've been on a little self imposed lipstick ban for a few months now but I can't help it if a very lovely friend buys me one can I? My BFF went to NYC and brought me back my very own Sephora haul, which included this gawjus Rouge Shine Lipstick.

Miss You No10 is the perfect my lips but better kinda shade. A nudey spiced taupe, it definitely wouldn't be out of place in Kylie Jenner's collection. Rouge Shine Lipsticks are semi-sheer with a rich glossy finish. I don't know about you but I'm tired of my lipsticks clinging to my dry, chapped lips. This moisturising formula, packed with vit E and shea butter is ideal right now for comforting and protecting the pout and also makes it look a little beefed up... must be something to do with the glossy particles. Worn alone it's a perfect everyday lipstick, or pair with your fave lip liner to enhance your look. I'm wearing it with L'Oreal Contour Parfait in HoneyI doubt you need me to remind you but Sephora now ship to the UK. Rouge Shine Lipstick $12.50 here 

Whichever lipstick you're rocking tonight, hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve - all my Love and best wishes for 2015, Claire x 



  1. This is a lovely shade! Looks a little like Julianne's Nude from L'Oreal that I just picked up recently :) x

    Kat from Blushing Rose

    1. I really want some of the L'Oreal nudes (and the reds come to think of it) BUT like I said, self imposed lipstick ban :( x

  2. I really love the color of that lipstick!!

  3. I love this shade! Looks so hydrating and really compliments your skin tone. Might have to take a look on Sephora now! x


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