Monday, 24 November 2014

Flat hair ladies rejoice, big, bouncy volume can be yours!

I posted a picture on instagram (see below) of my big, bouncy, volumised barnet and was inundated with questions and requests to blog about it. You see my hair is flat. Flat, fine and lifeless. I’ve always wanted BIG, voluptuous hair. I accept I’ll never have a fro but a bit of oomph wouldn’t go a miss. A lot of hairdressers had recommended I try heated rollers and last year (yes I know, it’s taken me forever to share) I finally took the plunge with the much raved about Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers.

So what are they?

If you’ve never used heated rollers before, they work like Velcro rollers, except they have small metal plates in them that emit heat. I did my research and Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers had some rave reviews, but I’m pretty sure they all do the same kinda thing. This set comes with ten large and ten medium rollers. They have a luxurious velvety texture which helps the hair cling to them and 20 butterfly clips to keep them in place. I was worried it might be like a hot potato situation, but these rollers use a core temperature system to slowly emit heat so you can hold them in your hand and they’ll continue to produce more heat as they’re rolled into, and sit in the hair. What’s extra special about the Enrapture ones, the butterfly clips also contain small metal plates meaning the hair is surrounded by heat – double whammy.

How do I use them?

I’ll be completely honest with you, it took me ages to get the hang of them. I watched this you tube video which helped. They’re heavier than I was expecting, and because my hair’s so fine, they kinda flopped around on my head and the first time I used them they completely dropped. So here’s what I’ve leant...

·         Plug in and give them at least two minutes to heat up.
·         Make sure your hair is completely dry, and ideally NOT freshly washed.
·         Prepare the hair with some dry shampoo to add some texture and hairspray for added hold.
·         The large rollers create volume, the smaller rollers create tighter curls. Start where you want the most lift. I start at the crown winding the hair around the roller and clamping in place with the clip. I do the full Mohawk section before moving to the under sections. When I’ve used all of the large rollers I use the smaller ones through the bottom length of the hair. I never use all 20, I just don’t have enough hair to fill them J
·         I prefer to use a Velcro, fringe roller on the front section. Again because my hair’s fine and I don’t have a lot of it, the heated roller flaps around at the front, fringe section and leaves my hair with a small kink.  
·         They need about 30 minutes to cool down, but the longer the better. Pop them in before you do your makeup and take them out at the very last minute.
·         Spray with lashings of hairspray – if you’re not choking, you haven’t used enough.

The Results

Big, bouncy volume and curls.... that just walked out of the salon look every time! Volume and root boost at the top, pretty soft curls through the lengths. Hair looks glossy and smooth, unlike Velcro’s which often make hair frizzy. Like I said it did take a while to get used to them, but the more you use them to easier and faster it gets! If you could be bothered, you could easily use these on a daily basis. Pop them in on a morning, do your makeup, eat your breakfast etc, then whip them out before you go. Me, I’m too lazy, I use them more on an occasional basis, but every time I do, I get that wow factor and find myself wishing I used them more often.

I bought mine from Boots this time last year and they cost about £40 (I’m pretty sure they were half the RRP). I’ve just searched all over the internet to find the current RRP and guess what, they’re out of stock everywhere! Maybe they got discontinued? The only place I can find them in stock is eBay here. Check out Argos for some alternatives.

Any heated roller fans out there? 



  1. Wow, your hair looks fantastic! I'd love to try these :)

    Lovely Witches

  2. your hair looks amazing! My hair is so thick that heated rollers don't stay in for long!


  3. So glad you posted this - but grrr at them being out of stock! I've got thick hair which is naturally very wavy, bordering on curly if I scrunch it, but when I straighten it it's flat as a pancake, and the curls I can create are ringlets which don't look good on me (think poodle!) I'm desperate to try rollers!

    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

  4. They're GORGEOUS on you and I love your hair color!

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