Monday, 10 November 2014

Dried out Gel Liners? Try This...

We already know that baby oil is one of the most versatile beauty buys in the World. It’s a moisturiser, a make up remover, a bath oil, a hair oil, you can even use it on new born babies. But did you know you can use it to revive dried out make up?

If you’ve ever owned a gel liner, I’m guessing you’ve experienced them drying out? I was blown away by my first Bobbi Brown Gel Liner. That amazing, dense, creamy texture... but sadly it didn’t last. I’d only used it a handful of times and the damn thing dried out. I put it down to the fact that it was something I only used occasionally and it had had too much time to dry out. Fast forward a couple of years and I discovered AnastasiaBeverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. The unique creamy gel-mousse texture rocked my World (see the full review here)... every day for about a month until the texture dried up and application became a nightmare. Then I realised, you can screw the lids on super tight, limited the lid-off time to an absolute minimum, store them upside down, but because these products are wet and creamy, sooner or later the moisture will evaporate.

The solution? A little drop of baby oil. No heat, no stirring, no compressing. Simply add a little drop of baby oil into the pot and watch it work its magic. 

It immediately breathes life back into gel formulas, replenishing the moisture and restoring them to their former glory. I won’t lie, I was nervous about trying this on my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, but I was so thrilled with the results, I went ahead and did the same thing to the original Bobbi Brown Gel Liner I’d refused to part with (see I knew there was a reason I hoarded make up). It’s like having two new products! I use Dipbrow everyday and after a month or so it started to dry out again. Without hesitation I went straight in with another drop of oil and it’s back to its best. It has in no way changed the performance or the texture of the products; it just helps to restore the moisture.

Have you tried it?



  1. Such a good tip! Definitely going to make a mental note for future use!

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  2. this is such a helpful tip - nothing worse than a dry eyeliner!

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE ♡

  3. Great tip! I almost threw mine out!

  4. Thanks for this! I've used my Dipbrow for a little over a month now and the drying is concerning me. I'm going to try this and crossing my fingers it works!

    1. Me too, I couldn't believe it when mine started to dry out after such a short time. The baby oil trick has totally rejuvenated it. Let me know how it works for you x

  5. I was literally going to throw all of my dried out gel liners! Such a great tip!


  6. This is such a great tip! I'll be adding a drop or two to my gel liner tonight :) xx

    Kat from Blushing Rose

  7. Tnx! Tried it and it works!

  8. But would it stay waterproof smudge proof after adding the drop of baby oil.


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