Tuesday, 30 September 2014

You need a clarifying shampoo in your life and here’s why....

Pantene Clarifying Shampoo is probably my number one unsung hero. I mean, I use it every week, but I’ve never told you about it. Does your hair ever feel greasy and flat, even when you’ve just washed it? Does it seem to “get used” to your favourite shampoo and stop performing as well as it used to? If the answer’s YES, then it’s time for a Clarifying shampoo.

Also know as “purifying,” “detox” and “deep-cleansing”, clarifying shampoos are designed to remove stubborn build-up from your hair. Regular shampoo, dry shampoo, hairspray, hair oils, hair masks, mousse, volumising dust... it all builds up to create a nasty gunk!

Regular shampoos are formulated to leave hair moisturised and shiny, they don’t contain enough cleaning agent to remove nasty build ups. Clarifying/detox shampoos are all about the cleaning! They contain fewer conditioning agents, and more cleaning agents, giving hair a real deep down cleanse with zero residue.

There’s lots of affordable clarifying shampoos out there, Herbal Esscences, Tresemme etc, but a few years ago when my tresses were in need of a deep clean, Pantene was one of the few accessible brands offering one. I use this once every week to two, or whenever my hair feels weighed down. I use a generous amount and work up a real good lather. My hair always feel squeaky clean afterwards with no residue. My roots get their oomph back and my styling products are way more effective. Ive just returned from a week in Greece. Although I love my sun-lightened locks, my hair feels grim, weighed down by salt water and chlorine. I used this as soon as I got back and my hair feels soft, clean and shiny again.

If clarifying shampoos don’t already feature in your hair squad, I’d highly recommend checking this out. £4.69/500ml Boots



  1. this looks like just the kind of thing I need!

    Hannah Rose Williams

    1. Exactly and it's pretty cheap. The 500ml bottle lasts me ages because I only use it once a week x

  2. This sounds perfect as a clarifying shampoo! x


  3. I love a clarifying shampoo in my routine, sometimes your hair just gets so greasy, product loaded and horrid and a clarifying shampoo sorts this out for me! I love the Toni and Guy one!

    Love Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty

  4. Love this shampoo

    ♥ themarthalist.blogspot.com ♥


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