Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Battle of the Eyeshadow Primers - Benefit V Urban Decay

This is the battle of the ultimate eyeshadow primers. For years I’ve used Urban Decay Primer Potion – got the mini one free with my first NAKED palette, loved it and later bought the full size. But then Miss Maven was raving about Benefit Stay Don’t Stray in her videos so I caved and got that one too. I loved it straight away and kinda ditched my first love, but which is really better? I put them to the test...
Urban Decay Primer Potion Original £16/11ml LookFantastic
This one has a paste like texture – thick but pliable. It’s a pinky flesh colour, which sheers out to an invisible finish. The squeezy tube give you complete control over how much product you dispense – you really only need a little and it “sets” quickly. The finish is natural – you’re skin but better. There’s little to no coverage so if you have discoloured lids, this won’t conceal them. Also available in shimmer and matte finishes.
Benefit Stay Don’t Stray £20.50/10 ml Feel Unique
This one has a thick, creamy texture, like a stick concealer or foundation and an almost matte finish. It’s a neutral flesh colour, available in two shades light/medium and medium/dark. I’ve got the light/medium, which is probably too light for me. It has an opaque coverage, so if you have veins or discoloration this one will cover them, which is a big plus for me – I can skip the cream/neautral eyeshadow and go straight in with colour. The big downside in my eyes (pardon the pun) is the packaging. One pump gives enough product to cover half my face! There’s no control and I end up wasting most of it.
The Results
To put them to the test I applied Stay Don’t Stray to my right eye and Primer Potion to my left. I used the same amount of product on both eyes, applied with fingers then went straight in with eyeshadow – Wet n Wild Nutty/Noisette if you’re interested, and 9 hours later...

Stay Don’t Stray has faded, especially around the centre of the lid. There’s creasing around the socket and some mascara transfer up on the brow bone. If you look closely, the eyeliner on the right eye has also faded a lot more than the left. Urban Decay Primer Potion is fresh as a daisy! No creasing, no fading, the colour still looks vivid and no transfer... and that’s after 9 hours! 
Stay Don’t Stray ... 

Primer Potion...

The Verdict
I’ve got to say I’m surprised and a little embarrassed. I was sucked in by the hype! I’ve been neglecting Urban Decay’s Primer Potion when all along it’s the clear champion of eyeshadow primers! I like the texture and coverage of Stay Don’t Stray but it clearly can’t match the staying power of Primer Potion!

Which Eyeshadow Primer do you recommend?



  1. On an everyday basis I use Mac's Painterly Paint Pot which is sufficient for a day in the office although if I have a night out planned I always reach for my UD Primer Potion.


  2. I use from elf is more suitable for my pocket. lol

  3. Never forget when I first started using eye primer. UD has been my go to product for almost a year now and I don't think I'll ever change! xxx

  4. Will defiantly have to try the UD eye primer, I've been using the Victoria Secret eye primer up till now. Great post!


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