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It’s perfectly acceptable to recycle old photos on instagram in the name of “Throwback Thursday” or "Flashback Friday". Well can the same apply to blog posts? You see I was looking back through the Beauty & le Chic archives, and guess what? There’s some good stuff back there. Back in the days of dodgy photos, DIY design and far fewer followers, there was some decent content (even if I do say so myself).
So this is a Flashback Friday/Blast from the Past (might become a series of) posts to share some of the products and features that have stood the test of time.
Back in 2011 I declared my love for MAC Margin Blush (see it here) and three years on it’s still a firm favourite.....
Blushers are pretty amazing, they have the ability to completely transform your look, and when you find a shade that’s just right for you skin tone – well, it’s pretty damn rewarding… cue MAC’s Margin. Don’t be fooled by Margin’s unassuming name and appearance. It may look dull and dreary in the pan but it transforms on the face. In the pan I’d describe it as a dirty peach – yes, hardly enticing. Yet on the face it transforms into a pretty bronzy peach with a hint of berriness and a touch of shimmer. It instantly brightens my face and seems to work in harmony with my skin tone (NC25-30 if that helps).

“Frost” is my absolute favourite MAC blush finish. Just in case you don’t know, MAC powder blushes come in 5 finishes – Matte, Sheertone , Satin , Sheertone Shimer, Frost...
Sheertone are quite sheer, great for a hint of colour as they apply lightly
Sheertone Shimer, like Sheertone, but with added shimmer/sparkle
Matte is flat and without any shine or sparkle.
Frost finishes are high shine and highly reflective because of the shimmer particles in them, but not glittery
Satin is somewhere in between matte frost but very creamy and applies like a dream.
Although a powder blush, it’s not at all POWDERY. The texture is creamy, almost butter like. It applies like a dream and imparts a fresh glow that lasts all day. I think I actually look like I’m wearing a creamy blusher, but unlike cream it’s simple to apply and lasts all day.
Margin has definitely stood the test of time. It may have been moved home (I decanted it to my MAC Pro Palette) but it’s still my go-to, day and night. In the winter it adds some much needed bronziness to my pale complexion and in the summer month’s it works perfectly with a tan. I really wish MAC would release some more Frost blushers!

MAC Blush £18 MAC and Debenhams Where's my Frost fans at? 



  1. It looks lovely on you, the colour is so pretty :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks honey. If I could only have one MAC blush, it would be this one x

  3. This is really beautiful on you!


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