Friday, 6 June 2014



You've heard of no! no! hair right? The adverts are everywhere and I'm hearing great things about it. Well did you know there was a no! no! skin? A magic little device that zaps spots. 

When it comes to the dreaded spots/acne plague, I've been pretty lucky. I don't suffer too badly but I do get blemish breakouts, usually around my chin and jaw line and it's always at the most inconvenient of times. When I started trailing no! no! skin* it was definitely with some trepidation. A little pain-free, chemical-free gadget the magically clears pesky spots... it all sounded a little too easy. Well it proved me to be a skeptic, because it works, it really does!

It's the only acne treatment devise that puts the power and precision of acne phototherapy safely in your control. It works like a little laser using therapeutic waves and Light and Heat Energy (LHG) to target individual spots and pimples and stop them in their tracks. I was going out last Saturday night and true to form on the Thursday before a gang of spots appeared. I started treating them immediately with no! no! skin and by Saturday they were mostly gone. No! no! skin or a fluke? I wasn't sure. Two days later another massive spot started "brewing" on my chin (no doubt caused by the copious amounts of alcohol and chips and garlic I consumed) and I thought, this will put you to the test little no! no! I zapped it twice in the morning, twice and night, and guess what? It didn't even develop. The lump shrank and disappeared in front of my eyes. That's when I knew, this works, it really does! The LHG reaches deep into the pore, starting the healing process that stops acne at its source and killing blemish-causing bacteria, while the heat gently opens the pores and soothes any inflammation. I've been using mine for a few weeks now and I'm hooked. I've even been using it in the car (passenger, not driver! that would be reckless). 

It couldn't be easier to use. Simply POINT on the spot, PRESS the button and let the PULSE do its thing. Treat each spot to two zaps, twice a day and voile, no no spots! 

no! no! skin RRP £129.99 find out more at no!no!skin and buy from Boots Selfridges and Lookfantastic 


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  1. This seriously sounds like a wonder product?! xxx


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