Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Seche Vite Top Coat: If you like to paint your nails, you need this in your life!

I’m willing to bet you've heard an awful lot about Seche Vite top coat? It's widely acknowledged as the best quick-drying nail polish top coat that money can buy. As a habitual nail polish wearer I hang my head in shame that it’s taken me so long to get on board!
This is the hype... Its patented formula allows it to penetrate through the nail polish to the base coat forming a single solid coating over the nail bed for a much more durable finish. Seche Vite is unmatched as a top coat leaving nails felling silky, stronger and more durable with absolutely no chipping or peel and creates the highest gloss of any product on the market today.
And this is the truth... All of the above and then some! For best results apply a thick coat to freshly painted nails whilst still damp. Honestly, your wet nails will become touch dry in 30 seconds and your amateur manicure will suddenly look pro! It cups the nail bed for a smooth, rock hard, glossy finish and it’s guaranteed not to go yellow. It seals the polish in and extends the polish wear time to around one week – which is staggering compared to the usual 2-3 days I manage. To prove the point I painted my nails with Barry M Lychee and coated with Seche Vite on my right hand only. After three days the right was fully intact and the left had chipped massively....
Long story short: if you like to paint your nails, you need this in your life!

Seche Vite Top Coat 14 ml £9 Boots, £7.13 Amazon and £8.08 BeautyBay Are you on board?

Important update:
WARNING: One of my readers has reliably informed me Seche Vite contains Toulene. Toluene is a solvent found in common products such as paint, paint thinner, nail polish, nail glue and adhesives among other things. It’s a harmful chemical that’s been linked to birth defects and other reproductive problems. That sounds pretty horrifying doesn’t it! I did some research and repeated exposure to this chemical over time can be very harmful, however, in small doses, it’s unlikely to cause any harm. However, if you’re pregnant, I’d stay clear all together. Now I know these facts I will definitely use Seche Vite less frequently.


  1. Amen to that! I've been a avid Seche Vite wearer for around four years, I never paint my nails without it!
    xxx Claire

  2. I love seche vite I honestly don't know what I'd do without it xx


  3. I'm on board now! I do a LOT of typing at work so my nails chip so easily no matter which top coat I use so I'm eager to try this now!

    Hope you don't mind but I linked to one of your posts in my most recent blog post so if you get increased traffic on an old post that might be why!

    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

    1. Hi Simon

      Of course I don't mind, that's lovely of you. Thank you!

      I hope it works for you, I won't be without it now x

  4. Oh, and it's only £5.95 on eBay so I'm hoping it's the real thing and not a copy because I've just bought some ;-)

  5. Hi Clare, just though I would mention this as Seche Vite topcoat is very popular, especially with bloggers, but not many users seem to be aware of its ingredients; it contains toluene, which is a chemical associated with infertility and birth defects. It I generally advised that women avoid this chemical where possible, even in small doses (you may have noticed that many brands state their polishes are toluene and formaldehyde free). Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat (red bottle) does the same job as Seche Vite top coat and is toluene free. x

    1. I saw this on the bottle but many women don't plan on having children so I think it's a personal choice :-)


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