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Beauty Advice for my Teenage Self

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Having a 15 year old sister definitely makes me more reflective. When she talks about school it takes me back to those tricky teenage times. If only I knew then, what I know now. With that in mind, if I could go back in time and offer my teenage self any advice, what would I say...

Step away from the tweezers!
If you listen to nothing else, listen to this... LEAVE YOUR FREEKIN’ BROWS ALONE! Hey Claire, that pencil thin line hovering above your eyes looks ridiculous and in a few years when bushy brows are back, yours won’t return! My Mum tried to intervene but I got pluck happy, creating bald patches that would never grow back! Once I realised the error of my ways, it was a long, slow process growing them back. They’re good now, but they’ve never returned to their former glory.
Don’t fall victim to the “Cake Face”
Here’s a secret I wish I knew then – gorgeous skin is dewy and natural. Thick matte foundation and heavy powder is anything but! My Mum told me so, but I didn’t listen (just like my little sister didn’t listen to me when it was her turn). Maybe cake face is a rite of passage? Still when it comes to coverage there’s a lot more choice these days – good tinted moisturisers, BB Creams and foundations with sheer coverage. If I was a teenager now I’d rely more on concealer to cover spots and imperfections and let my true youthful radiance shine through.
Lipliner... just don’t!
Not as much of a problem these days, but if you were kicking about in the nineties, chances are you lined your lips with a brown liner and filled them in with Rimmel Heather Shimmer. Don’t do it, it’s Not.A.Good.Look.
Always, ALWAYS wash your face before you go to sleep
When it comes to bed time – less Facebook and more face wash! If you go to sleep with makeup on, it makes your skin dull and tired. Take it all off at night and give your pores a chance to breathe while you're sleeping. It pays off later on... believe me!
Don’t shave your arms or your stomach!
Guess what, the hairs will grow back and they’ll be thicker and darker than before. Come to think of it, leave your thighs alone too – those soft, fine hairs are barely noticeable... after fifteen years of shaving they’ll look like a man’s beard.
Say No to DIY Hair Dye. Caution, an embarrassing admission follows...
Don’t highlight your hair with your Mum’s tash bleaching cream – yes I tried this. Remember in the 90s when it was in vogue to have two scraggy pieces of hair hanging either side of your face (think Chloe in Mad Fat Diary). Well I thought it would look cool if mine were blonde. They turned out patchy ginger and looked anything but cool!
Less is more... especially during the day
Hey Claire, guess what, there is such a thing as too much makeup. My 16 year old self definitely didn’t grasp this. I look back at pictures of myself back then and CRINGE, but then we all do, right? Experiment with makeup, but don’t overdo it. Go with strong eyes OR lips, not both and don’t try to wear your entire make up at the same time.
A few final words of “wisdom” for you to discard as you please...
Do your own thing, go your own way and don’t be afraid of what other people think of you! It turns out being different is a good thing! Try to love yourself – in years to come you’ll look back at pictures and marvel at how young/pretty/lovely you really were. Chill the F out! There’s no rush to be 25! Before you know it, you will be 25, wishing you were 16. Be a kid, take chances, don’t worry and enjoy yourself. Above all (and teenagers you’ll hate me for saying this)... listen to your Mum! It pains me to say it, but it turns out she was about 90% right.

If you could go back, what would you tell your teenage self?


  1. This post made me giggle! Great idea xo

    Hannah Rose// Blog

  2. I wish I stayed away from the tweezers too :( Mine were so bad my mum started saying I had brows like Spock from Star Trek. And she wasn't wrong. x

    1. ha ha, that's a good one! I tried to find a photo but my mum has them all... thank gawd!!! x

  3. Yes, I fell victim to Heather Shimmer...why did we not listen to our Mums! xx

  4. You have totally commented on pretty much every beauty mistake I made as a teenager! I literally laughed out loud at the shaving your stomach part. I so didn't do that. Definitely. Didn't. x


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