Wednesday, 16 April 2014

I Woke up Like This

You wake up, flawless. Post up, flawless. Ride round in it, flawless. Flossin on that, flawless. This diamond. My diamond. This rock. My rock. I woke up like this... I WOKE UP LIKE THIS! If you love Beyoncé, ya’ll know what am talkin about! If you don’t, please leave my blog immediately! I jest – but seriously, why not? Anyway this is all about the Beyoncé inspired “it” T-shirt – I WOKE UP LIKE THIS. It’s the kick-ass, attitude-filled line from Flawless, featured on Beyoncé’s self titled album...

Beyoncé obsession aside it’s such an easy T-shirt to wear. Oversized and very flattering. Looks great teamed with ripped jeans. Blazer, bomber... whatever you fancy. I got this one form eBay £9.49 here, available in seven colours. It’s good quality, heavy cotton, good sizing (FYI I got a small – ideal for size 8-10) and washes really well too - no shrinking or mis-shaping. 

I did laugh at myself whilst "rocking" the T-shirt at Charles de Gaulle airport at 7am. Buying macaroons from a rather dashing Frenchman, when he says to me "Mademoiselle, can I ask you what your T-shirt says", to which I reply (with attitude and a little bounce) "I woke up like dis!" He looks down at my make up-free, pastry-fueled, half asleep face and says "okay!" Maybe it doesn't have the same effect when you really have just woke up... but it made me laugh.

Here it is in action in Paris....

Glasses - Rayban, Blazer - New Look, Jeans - Topshop, Bag - Mulberry

All together –  We flawless, ladies we're flawless. Say I look so good tonight. God damn, God damn, GOD DAAAMN!



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