Monday, 13 January 2014

Nars At First Sight Palette - Review, swatches and Get the Look

Could this be the perfect palette? It drives me crazy when you only ever use one or two shades in a palette and never touch the rest – it’s such a waste of make up and money. No such problem here since Nars have expertly edited the At First Sight palette with their iconic Laguna bronzer, much loved peachy blush “D**p Throat” and four day-to-night-to-weekend eyeshadows.

D**p Throat Blush 4g
It might be perfectly edited, but let’s be honest, it was D**p Throat that sold it to me.  It’s been on my wish list for so long, but I’ve been wrestling with me conscience – can I justify ANOTHER blusher? No, but a multi-tasking palette, maybe. Deep Throat is described as a “flirty, sheer peach.” It’s a warm coral with a hint of pink and a golden shimmer. It gives the cheeks a pretty peachy glow with a lovely sheen finish - emphasis on the lovely, it's almost glowing.  The texture is fantastic, very soft and smooth with no powdery residue. It’s a real hit for me. I never liked Orgasm – too fake and shimmery, this is more my thing.
Laguna Bronzer 4g
It’s funny I had this bronzer years ago and I wasn’t impressed. I remember it crumbled terribly, but other than that, I can’t recall why I didn’t like it... this time around I do. Maybe it’s the shimmer? It’s quite a shimmery blusher, not the kind you’d use for a contour. It’s the kind of blush you can sweep all over the face for an all over bronzy glow. It's a warm, medium toned bronzer - perfect for light to medium skin tones, I doubt it will show up anyone darker. It's fairly sheer too, I had to swatch quite heavily here.

These are actually my first Nars eyeshadows and, well, they’ve dazzled me! Great formulas, highly pigmented, easy to use and true to colour. The three shimmer shadows are soft and buttery and the matte is dense completely crease proof.

All About Eve is a flesh tones neutral with a pretty shimmer. It’s a great all over the lid colour or brow bone highlight.
Noveau Monde is a metallic silvery lilac. A real surprise for me. It looks more blue in the pan but you can see from the swatch it transforms.
Bellissima is a matte medium brown. A good staple colour worn alone and gorgeous paired with any of the other shades.
Codura is shimmering sooty dark brown. The colour really packs a punch.
Here’s the look... Laguna bronzer all over the face and D**p throat on the apples of the cheeks. For the eyes... A sweeping of Bellissima all over the lid using my trusted MAC  217 brush. A small dusting of cordura on the outer of the lids and Noveau Monde on the inner and mid section of the lids to sparkle, finished off with All About Eve on the brow bone.

What can I say, I’m hooked on this palette. Now there’s some price discrepancies going on here. Mine came from ASOS £32 here Sadly it's now sold out. Other sites have it priced at £45 HQ Hair here and Nars here. It's still a lot of Nars for £45!


  1. Lovely lovely shades! Codura looks amazing!

    1. Aren't they! All the eyeshadows are stunning x

  2. I've just started using nars and I love it!

    1. I don't really have a lot of Nars in my collection, but after this... I want more x

  3. I've just started using nars and I love it!

  4. These shades look so great on you! Great Review ♥

  5. Beautiful look, I really need to try some more NARS products! I tried out Laguna in Selfridges a while ago but the assistant didn't know how to apply it on me (?!) and so I had to try it myself and even though I'm fairly pale, I still couldn't get it to show up on me so went for Bobbi Brown instead! It looks lovely here though, may be worth another shot xx

    Kat from Blushing Rose Beauty

  6. You are so beautiful, This palette is amazing and everything looks gorgeous on you<3

  7. Lovely palette the eyeshadows especially are stunning!

  8. This palette looks lovely, it has all the shades I'd love to try and more! Love the look of this :)

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic


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