Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year's Eve Nails and THE Nails Inc Diary

It was love at first sight back in October when I locked eyes on this lovely. I bought one for my sister, showed it round the office, then everyone in the office wanted one... before I know it I was dealing Nails Inc and forgot to keep a cut for myself. Thank god Santa brought me one. The Nails Inc Diary contains 12 full size nail polishes featuring bestsellers, new trend shades and never seen before special effects.

January – bestselling Kensington Caviar 45 second top coat 
February – St Martin’s Lane new glossy grape trend polish
March – bestselling Baker Street cobalt blue polish
April – Sloane Avenue new neon coral polish
May – Fulham Palace Gardens new rainbow Sprinkles polish
June – Chester Feather effect polish
July – Notting Hill Gate neon pink polish
August – Fleet Street new Leather effect polish
September – Electric Lane Holographic top coat 
October – Belgravia Place red Fibre Optic polish
November – South Kensington silver Foil effect polish
December – Knightsbridge Road new Galaxy polish

Other than Baker Street, which is probably my all time favourite so having an second is only a bonus, I don’t already own any of these shades. I love the look of Sloane Avenue (Miss April) and Belgravia Place (Miss October) and for NYE I had to dive straight in with Miss December….

Knightsbridge Road is a stunning gold glitter polish with multi coloured flecks and 3D glitter finish. It knocks the socks of any other glitter polish I’ve tried! It’s fully opaque in just two coats and with a slick of the Caviar top coat (Miss Jan) it doesn’t feel chunky or rough! Perfect nails for partying the night away (or falling asleep on the sofa).

If you fancy fabulous nails every month of the year there’s still a few of these kicking around. It’s sold out most places (of course) but I’ve found stock at Nails Inc £30 here and ASOS £31.50 here, which is staggering value considering it contains £132 worth of Nails Inc. 

Which do you have you eye on?


  1. My brother came up trumps and gave me this set fro Christmas and I can't wait to try them all out, especially the topcoat, I'm still trying to find something that can beat my Seche Vite!

    1. Do you know I've never used seche vite. I know it comes so highly recommended but I never got round to trying it. I'm wearing Belgravia Palace today, it's amazing x

  2. Eeekkk How did I miss this! I love how cute the packaging is and the colours are beautiful! December would be the first one I went for too!

    H xox


  3. My eyes are on Fulham Palace Gardens new rainbow Sprinkles polish!Nice blog!:)



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