Tuesday, 26 November 2013

New Arm Candy... Olivia Burton Big Dial Rose Gold Watch

I’ve been look for a watch that’s less chunky and more wearable than my beloved Michael Kors Rose Gold Bracelet watch. After almost daily wear for the last few years it’s looking a bit tarnished and in need of a break. Enter Olivia Burton. When they couldn’t find a watch that fulfilled their need for style, Olivia Burton created their own stunning collection of elegant and affordable watches, inspired by vintage styles and catwalk trends. As soon as I saw the collection online, I knew I'd succumb. The only problem was... which one?
Eventually I chose the Big Dial Rose Gold Plated Watch £72 here with a large white face, rose gold case and soft mink leather strap. It’s a real statement watch!! I love the pairing of the rose gold with a grained mink leather strap - it creates a very understated and very chic look.  Small details like the embossed Olivia Burton logo on the inside of the strap and the little bird motif on the back of the face make it feel reassuringly good quality. The case is 38x38mm, it’s large but not in an “in your face” kinda way. I love the colour of the strap. I’d describe the “mink” as an off white/creamy colour. It’s really flattering against my skin tone (although I still had a holiday tan in these pics). It’s very light weight (so, so much lighter than Michael Kors) and the soft leather strap is very comfortable to wear.
There’s lots of Olivia Burton stockists out there but I choose The Dressing Room, taking advantage of their 10% off for new customers (when you sign up to the newsletter). Kudos to them for their snazzy packaging and promt delivery!

Oliva Burton watches from £55 at The Dressing Room here and ASOS here. What'd you think?


  1. Your new watch looks lovely :) xx

  2. Love the style of this watch! Vintage yet so classic!
    I'm in love and have to get this beautiful and timeless piece!
    Great review babe



  3. This is beautiful! I want so badly!


  4. Hi I'm French
    I want to buy this watch, it is too beautiful.
    But as I can't try it could you give me some information?

    -is that the dial is not too big?
    -What is the size of the bracelet? and your wrist? (because I have a small wrist and I fear that the watch is big)
    Thanks for the information


Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it. I read all of them and reply to any questions x

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