Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Best of Beauty and le Chic... so far

I promise this is not a lazy post (although I am on holiday and not very organised with the whole timed post thing). Anyway I recently surpassed 200 blog posts (go me) and naturally had the desire to trawl through archives. Here are some of my favourite posts that you might have missed first time round, or they're so good you need to read them twice... I jest.

The How to Cream Blush post.... The dewy, fresh, youthful glow... Cream blush definitely does something magical to the skin!

The Brush up your Technique: the Mascara tips you NEED post. Lengthening, curling, defining, volumising, false effect, growth enhancing, eye-colour popping, even Vibrating! And finding the right one is only half the battle... It’s what you do with it that counts. The way you apply your mascara can make a huge difference. Here are my top tips for big, flutterful lashes...

The Winter Wonders Post. Chapped lips, dry skin, flakey scalp – isn’t winter fun! It’s time to winter proof your beauty regime. Here’s what’s top of my list for staying soft, hydrated and glowing this winter.

The Make up Storage post, because who doesn't love a good nosey through their friends make up?

The Ultimate Contour Kit post. If you haven't discovered contouring yet, this will make it easy as 1,2,3.

The Nail Polish Effect post - my musings on why we've gone nail MAD and my favourite ever shades.

FEEDBACK TIME! I'd love to hear which posts you like the most and what you'd like to see more of. Thanks for your support ladies, here's to another 200.


  1. Love love love the storage post, utterly gorgeous dresser! Thanks for sharing memory lane xx

  2. I love all your posts, though the cream blush post was definitely a goodie :)


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