Friday, 18 October 2013

Le Volume de Chanel... Holy Grail Mascara

This isn’t a mascara, it’s a magic wand.
Yes it’s Chanel, we expect the best, but oh does this sexy little black number deliver! The packaging is of course sleek and sexy – the iconic interlocking “Cs” have that effect, but it’s not a case of style over substance....
Formula: A blend of inky pigments and natural waxes fasten on to lashes making them look twice as thick, protecting and holding them in a curled position, almost like hair tongs. The quick-drying formula stays picture perfect all day without a hint of smudge.
Brush: It’s so sophisticated it’s been patented! The science behind it, I’m not entirely sure of, but something to do with snowflake-shaped discs that are stacked and positioned perfectly along the wand. The formula sits between the discs’ points so when the long, stiff bristles grab onto each lash, formula is deposited evenly along the shaft, while shorter bristles separate lashes for a clean finish.
Use: The solid wand is so easy to use – no fiddly, flexi heads to contend with. It’s substantial and gets the job done. It’s a one coater that’s for sure, no need to keep going back in with this one. It coats lashes generously, scooping them up the new lengths. The pictures below show one quick coat but if you want the false lash effect you'd definitely get it with a touch more build up.
Results: Instant volume and intense curves from the first stroke with longer, plumper, thicker, glossy lashes. Jet black, bold, yet elegant!

I think I’ve found my holy grail mascara. Sadly it doesn’t come cheap. Retailing for £24, (I picked mine up in duty free for £20) I’ll probably reserve it for nights out and times I need to shine... my secret weapon!
Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara £24 Debenhams here and Boots here. You tempted?


  1. Wow, this mascara looks amazing! I have never thought about trying a Chanel mascara before but this has definitely changed my mind! xx

  2. Wow this looks gorgeous on you!!!

  3. my holy grail mascara is Lancome hypnose drama, have you ever tried it before? if so, do you
    think the chanel one is better?

    1. I've loved Hypnose for years, especially drama and doll eyes but I think this is better x

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Claire. I've been lucky in the lash department but this mascara is amazing! x

  5. Your lashes look amazing, I picked Yves Saint Laurent Shocking over this and am now definitely regretting that decision xx

    1. Thanks Fern. I've been eyeing up shocking too. What do you think of it? x

  6. What foundation are you wearing recently? and powder, bronzer etc combo...your skin looks so dewy and fresh!! xx

  7. wow, it looks great! I really need to try it but I already have 4 mascaras, so no mascaras for me for at least 4 months.

    Erika Nagode


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