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Inside My MAC Lipstick Collection

Creme d'nude, Freckletone, Hue, Shy Girl, Creme Cup, Angel, Speed Dial, Ever Hip, Costa Chic, Impassioned, Rebel, RiRi Woo
Creme d'nude, Freckletone, Hue, Shy Girl, Creme Cup, Angel, Speed Dial, Ever Hip, Costa Chic, Impassioned, Rebel, RiRi Woo

A girl can never have too many lipsticks... especially  MAC ones! Chic, classy and timeless, you can see how people get addicted to these lovelies. Currently, there’s 12 in my collection...
Creme’d Nude (Cremesheen) is my all time favourite nude. Described as a pale muted peachy beige, I know it’s a too concealer-like for some people, but for me it works. It’s soft and creamy and works a treat with a smoky eye or tanned skin. 

Freckletone (Lustre) is nude peach with a hint of  brown. Hardly exciting in the bullet, but on the lips transforms to a sultry caramel nude, plus it’s one of Beyonce’s favourites!  If it’s good enough for Queen Bey... Review and pics here
Hue (Glaze) is a soft pinky nude. OK, it isn’t a million miles away from crème cup, however it’s less pink and more nudey – probably somewhere between crème cup and crème d’nude. It does have a tendency to cling to dry lips, so I tend to swerve it unless I'm freshly scrubbed and moisturised. Full review here.
Shy Girl (Cremesheen) is a creamy peachy beige colour. It’s a great everyday shade.
Creme Cup (Cremesheen) One of my all time faves, Creme cup never fails! It's a blue toned baby pink, that suits my complexion perfectly. Similar to Angel, but without the lilac tint and slightly pinker than Hue. The cremesheen finish is so creamy and moisturising, yet surprisingly pigmented and long wearing.
Angel (Frost) My first ever MAC lipstick. Angel is a soft, rosy pink. It's not quite a milky pink like creme cup, but it comes close. It has lilac undertones and a very subtle micro-shimmer. How I used to cane this.
Speed Dial (Cremesheen) A medium blue toned pink with a lovely creamy glossy finish. 
Ever Hip (Cremesheen) Another of my all time favourites, sadly, it’s a limited edition shade. It’s the perfect mix of pink and coral. A lovely pop of colour all year round.
Costa Chic (Frost)A frosty bright coral with gorgeous pink tones – the kind of shade that looks great with a tan. Full review here.
Impassioned (Cremesheen) Described as an Amped-up fuchsia, Impassioned is special. It’s loud, but without being too in your face. It’s an instant pick me up... if you need to get glam in a hurry, this is your boy! Pics and review here.
Rebel (Satinis a gorgeous berry shade. It looks very purple in the bullet, almost mulberry but once applied is more of a pinky/plumy/purple kinda shade. A perfect autumn/winter update if you fancy channeling your dark side. Review here.
RiRi Woo (Retro Matte) Basically Ruby Woo with a little RiRi twist. Reds have a tendency to wash me out but not this one. Sexy, cool and very matte. Pics and full review here.

Looking at my collection in all it's glory I've realised I need to stop buying nudes and pale pinks, at least for a little while. Time to mix it up! Next on my wish list are Patisserie and Plumful. MAC Lipsticks £15 (price rise alert) from MAC online here and Debenhams here

Fancy winning a MAC lipstick of your choice? There's still time to enter my MAC Lipstick giveaway, open until 14th November 2013 here.


  1. Ahh I'm in heaven.. Please do a post on your top 5! xo


    1. Thanks Hannah, good idea. Although that would be tough!! x

  2. Aaaah, so jealous! I want them all!
    www.lydiarosexo.blogspot.co.uk xo

  3. Seeing those lipsticks all in a row makes me itch to make a purchase for myself! Great post :)

    Blindly Beautiful

    1. Thanks Maria, I know, I'm a bad influence. The worst thing is they make me want to buy more :) x

  4. Holy Molly you have some serious stuff there! I love all of them specially Rebel and RiRi Woo :) x


    1. I know, I love them all! Really loving Rebel right now x

  5. Love all the lipsticks!
    the pink one is lovely soft color!

    lots of love

  6. I Love MAC lipsticks and I own all of those except two, wish the price hadn't but that still hasn't stopped me ;) x

  7. Love your collection I like the one on the far right Riri Woo its such a lovely shade! I have never tried any MAC Products! I would love to try one so fingers crossed for your giveaway!

  8. Amazing collection! Really want Creme Cup and Costa Chic now! :)

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic

  9. I'm jealous! Hahaa :)



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