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My MAC Capsule blush collection and Pro Palette

Let me introduce you to my capsule blush wardrobe - a collection of my favourite MAC powder blushes. From peachy corals to soft pinks to bronzy shimmer, I've got it covered.

MAC Pro Palette Large  £14 here insert £6.50 here

MAC recently overhauled their pro palettes so I’m glad I held out. The new and improved versions are more like the Z Palette, an empty magnetised palette with a see through window so you can see exactly what’s inside. They’re slick and sturdy, can store blushers and eyeshadows and can be used with or without inserts.
The Capsule Collection
Not just the first six blushers I saw, some serious care and attention went into it. I depotted them myself, there's tonnes of tutorials on youtube so I'll not bore you with the instructions but FYI I used the lighter and sharp object technique (one did get damaged in the process but only slightly). This is now my go-to palette. I can pick it up and find, or mix a shade for every occasion. It loosely goes from peach to bronze to pink to plum...

Top Row L-R
Melba (matte) -  Described as a “Soft coral-peach”, I’d say it’s more of a medium peach with a tiny hint of rosiness. Despite the “bloggers hype” I dismissed this shade so many times. It looks pretty dull and dirty in the pan and I’m not a fan of matte... or so I thought. It’s just one of those shades that magically transforms on the face. It’s great everyday shade that really warms my face and despite the “matte” tag it’s not at all flat. Give in to the hype, it's worth it!
Margin (frost) - Described as “Peach with golden shimmer”. It’s a great everyday bronzy blush with a natural shimmer. It's a guaranteed pick me up. I love a frost finish on my cheeks – almost like a blush and highlighter in one. It’s one of my most used shades and is lovely mixed with a bit of Melba or Prism. See full review here.
Prism (matte) – Described as a “Muted pinkish-brown”  it’s the perfect neutral shade. It might look super boring in the pan but I swear it’s one of MAC’s hidden gems. Not too pink, not too peach. If you’re rocking heavy eyes or lips or BOTH and you need something neutral on your checks, this is the one. Also works well with a red lip. 

Bottom Row L-R

Fleur Power (satin) – Described as a “Soft bright pinkish-coral” I’d say much more pink than coral. I love this colour, it’s a very wearable medium pink that gives a natural flush of colour. Not my favourite finish though. Satin’s aren’t really my thing, the colour pay off tends to be terrible - it took some serious heavy duty swatching for it to show up on the picture below. For a bit more life I like to mix it a little with its next door neighbour... dollymix
Dollymix (sheertone shimmer) - "Pure candy pink". Argh, Dollymix... it’s not just for dolly birds like I previously thought. Despite looking like clown makeup in the pan it actually applies quite sheer. A pretty, brightened rosy pink with a subtle shimmer and a gorgeous sheen. Full review here
Plum Foolery (sheertone shimmer) - Representing the plum family, this “Faintly plum” blush is a gorgeous plummy pink with a strong shimmer. I like plum shades, especially in autumn/winter and this works really well with berry shades and darker lips. It's quite a dark blush and very pigmented so go steady.

What would be in your capsule collection? 


  1. ooo melba looks amazing! I think I'm going to have to give into the hype and get it one of these days

    1. Exactly. I gave in to the hype and wasn't disappointed x

  2. I'll be picking up prism for my palette soon I think! Looks gorgeous. I quite like nude toned blushes too.

    Molly xx

    1. Do it Molly. Prism is a real surprise. Way more gorgeous than it looks in the pan x

  3. Lovely lovely shades! Margin looks amazing.
    Lydia Rose

  4. Prism looks amazing! A little similar to Nars Doucer i think :)

  5. Dollymix and Margin look amazing :) Thanks for sharing x


  6. i really love fleur power! i think i have to buy it :)

  7. This was such a helpful post, as I'm currently creating a capsule MAC blush collection myself. I seem to have ended up with more peachy MAC shades than anything else. Probably because I have pink shades from other brands. But I want my MAC palette to have something for every occasion in it. So I think I'll be investing in some more pink shades. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks


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